John Deere E130 Lawn Tractor Review

John Deere E130 Lawn Tractor Review


The e-series extension offers performance that will make your lawn look professional for the price your wallet will pay. The John Deere E130 self-propelled lawnmower is powered by a powerful 22 hp V-twin engines and 30 seconds Easy Change ™ oil change system, recognized by popular science as one of the top 100 new products. Platform design grass E 130 for superior cutting. The E130 is also suitable for a snow blower or front panel to be used all year round. The machine is built in a durable 12 gauge solid steel frame and has a two year / 120-hour warranty from John Deere. No matter the season or project, the E130 helps you complete your projects faster.

Key Features

  • 22 HP (16 kW) V-shaped motor
  • Cutting system edge ™ 107 cm
  • Hydrostatic transmission with two pedals
  • Cutting up to 8,000 m²
  • Easy Change ™ Oil change system in 30 seconds


The controls are easy to see and use. Large sidewalks have anti-slip and anti-vibration mats for operator comfort. The operator’s seat is 15 inches high for better support. Covered storage and cup holder are located on the right bumper for operator convenience.

Side-by-Side Foot Pedals

Adjacent pedals control the speed and direction of travel. The operator can change the direction of travel without lifting his foot off the platform. The hydrostatic transmission offers infinitely variable speeds and makes it easy to change the course of the gearbox top speed 5.5 mph.

42 “Edge Cutting System ™

It offers superior performance, reliability, and availability. The curved outer edge of the bridge gives it greater strength and protection; Deep grass platform design lifts for a clean and even cut; The smooth floor prevents the mower from gathering grass and distributes the mowing evenly. The convenient flush port connection makes cleaning a sleek manual clutch with two blades.

Engine 22 HP

Single-cylinder John Deere V-Twin engine with 22 HP Ready Start ™ was built to John Deere specifications provides excellent power and torque for skinning, cutting, and bagging.

Tools and Controls

The molded panel has a clean and attractive style. The spring-loaded throttle lever is easy to use and makes starting easier. The parking brake control is conveniently located on the tractor plinth for easy access. The bridge is attached to a yellow lever that is easy to see and use on the panel equipped with autopilot and front bumper.


The solid one-piece frame is built in 12 gauges, 0.105 inches. (2.66 mm) steel:

  • Fully welded robot frame with high tensile steel rails for strength and durability.
  • One-piece fender platform bolted to frame.

The front axle is made of durable cast iron that does not bend:

  • Automotive-style steering system with sector and pinion steering systems and single track rod linkage provides a very robust and straightforward tight-fit steering system.
  • Three grease fittings on the steer axles and the cable provide continuous lubrication, steering more comfortable, and minimizing wear.
  • Large 0.75 inches. The 1.9 cm diameter wheel axles offer excellent durability.
  • The CargO attachment system consists of a combination of front and rear attachment points, making it easy to attach sunshades, back bags, and other accessories.

Optimized For Acres

E130 is designed to handle approximately two hectares of the construction site efficiently. The main pedal travel features allow the machine to handle hail with speed and skill. The 22-horsepower engine gives the mower enough power to ride through pleasant hills while still hitting a top speed of 5 miles per hour.

It features a cruise control platform and a two-pedal hydraulic drive system that allows the cutter to move back and forth in one step. For added durability, the built-in dust management system protects the engine from dirt and cuts. There is a hose connection in the cutting deck to keep the blades clean.

Guaranteed Performance

John Deere’s duty is on the E130 for two years or 120 hours, whichever comes first. During this time, there is a timed onboard maintenance reminder system to ensure the mower is properly maintained. The system also guides homeowners with hourly steps, reminding you when to change oil and repair each part.

Mow the Lawn in Style

The E130 is sleek and stylish, whether you are a Springbok fan or not, the iconic color scheme, greens and pale yellows, lush as the lawn-shaping machine. The lawn wheel includes a wide range of accessories, including a bucket, lawn cleaning kit, and space for a patio to save skin during the summer. To prevent color from fading or rusting after a few months, the D130’s lid, paint, and primer are weather resistant.

Built For the Operators

One of the most popular comments about the John Deere E130 is that the ergonomic seats and controls of the controls make the lawnmower one of the most comfortable of its kind. Based on its 100 Series predecessors’ ideas, the E130 adjusts the blades and levers to make the operator more accessible.

Hand brake levers and height adjustment are also arranged on the sides of the driver’s seat for smooth operation. The chair itself has a high backrest and is easy to adjust. The controls have been optimized to make the lawnmower perfect for anyone looking for their game on the lawn and buying their first spinner. Also ideal for people who like to let their kids work!

Without sacrificing safety features, the lawnmower has an RIO switch under the wheel and is designed to comply with ANSI standards.



Everything on the John Deere E130 lawnmower is simple! It’s equipped with easy-to-use cruise control, so you can learn how to operate your lawnmower right away. The tractor controls are color coded for easy recognition by the owner or operator. In addition, the mower adjustment lever makes it easy to reach the desired cutting height. This ensures exceptional mowing quality, as the grass can be raised thanks to the deep mowing deck construction.

Do you have to install the blades that came with the bagger? Or can you use the ones already on the mower to bag with?

The blades supplied with the unit are our standard 3-1 blades that can be used for bagging. The blades provided with the collection system are raised blades and are differently designed to generate more lift and airflow through the intake hole. The lifting blades are used in very tough packaging conditions.

What type of fuel does it use?

Use regular unleaded gasoline with an octane number of 87 or higher. It is allowed to use fuel mixes containing up to 10% ethanol or up to 15% fuel with modified MTBE content.

How does the E130 perform on a hill?

It is not recommended to cut or drive the driver on a slope higher than 13 ° with the driver in its basic configuration (without accessories). When using an attachment, do not cut or cut at an angle higher than 10 °.

Does this Mow in Reverse?

The blades will stop when reversing unless the RIO switch (reverse option) is pressed. The RIO, however, doesn’t encourage interrupting; however, the lawnmower can continue to function if it needs to be reversed. And all you have to do is turn on the RIO switch for a moment before you put your hand back on the wheel. Always look down ahead and when backing up.