Craftsman M275 Gas Lawn Mower Review

Craftsman M275 Gas Lawn Mower Review


Craftsman M275 is another quality product from the leading Craftsman company. Boasting a considerable amount of all three functions – mulching, bagging, discharging – in a compact body, this Craftsman model is also self-propelled, which means it can be moved around the lawn minimal effort since it has the same amount of force move forward.

This mower’s hallmark is its highly responsive single-lever PTO, which makes you feel like the mower is automated and works on its own. With the M275, you can adjust the grass cut at six different levels.


The mower is a 159 cc self-propelled lawnmower with 21 ” cutting deck. However, this model has a convenient electric starter. It makes it easy to start the mower; a quick press of the button starts and immediately starts it.

A self-propelled engine is a speed that works well, but may not be ideal for all conditions. Front-wheel drive and large rear wheels help on rough terrain and downhill gradients.

Another unique feature of this model is the terrace sink. It allows a hose to be connected for quick and easy cleaning of the deck after use. This will help you keep your machine clean and effortless.

Discharge Capacity

The 3-in-1 feature on the Craftsman M275 provides side or rear discharge and mulching. Many people have told me that the mulching function is beneficial. It will save time and improve soil quality, making your lawn healthier and more watery. You will also save on artificial fertilizers as it is a more sustainable option.


Engine 159 ccs a fairly powerful self-propelled gun on this model. Weight and design work effectively with this engine. Front-wheel drive and well-designed wheels make this mower sleek and elegant to navigate your yard with ease.

It is easy starting of the engine with a convenient electric start. An automatic shutter is provided to facilitate starting.

The double lever allows you to quickly and easily switch between 6 cutting levels.

Front-Wheel Drive

It is also a front-wheel-drive model, which means that the two front wheels always pull when the engine is running. When you are at the helm, and the two front wheels help, you will no longer have problems climbing and descending steep hills. Combine it with a self-propelled machine, and you can easily justify the additional cost of this lawnmower.

Adjusting the Cutting Height

You can choose from 6 different height settings using the double adjustment lever. One lever is located on the rear wheel and the other on the front. Most lawn mowers have 4 settings with 6 different heights; the master made his mower versatile and unique.

Style and Speed

It is a self-propelled lawnmower and thus reduces your effort for moving around in your lawn. You can adjust your mowing speed on the go. It is a front-wheel-drive mower. The electric start design with an auto choke makes it hassle-free to start your lawn mowing. When others are pulling strings, you will be halfway through mowing your lawn.

Cutting Deck

It is a self-propelled lawnmower that will reduce your effort as you move across the lawn. You can adjust the cutting speed during the operation. It is a front-drive lawnmower. The electric start design and automatic lock make it easy to mow the lawn. If others are pulling strings, cut the grass in half.

Discharge Capacity

The mower offers a 3 in 1 flush option. You can choose between side discharge, rear bagging, or mulching option.


Other notable features of the M275 are the electric start with automatic throttling, the cutting height adjustment with two levers, and the easy cleaning of the deck. This lawnmower has been specially designed to make your life easier, and it is safe to say that it does just that and more.


It is supported by Craftsman, a 2-year limited warranty on parts and labor.


Of course, we are fans of the Craftsman brand, and based on consumer feedback, we are not alone. This is a high-quality lawn mower with many features. The electric start and automatic accelerator make starting easy and comfortable in any medium to a large area. It is easy to assemble and clean. Front-wheel drive, efficient wheels, and self-propelled equipment make yard maintenance quick and easy.



Take the “work” out of gardening. It’s incredibly easy to start falling, has more speed, and works very well. Besides, it is easy to assemble; it is pre-assembled. Just tighten a few screws and lift the rocker. On the other hand, 159cc has a very low displacement; using a self-propelled lawnmower is inefficient. In other words, the mower may not be able to handle large areas of lawn. He may not even be able to move alone on a small slope. Therefore, it may not work on lawns with slopes, high edges, or very steep surfaces.

Does this lawn mower have an electric starter?

Yes, this lawnmower has an electric and manual start.

How to charge the batteries of the electric starter?

The mower is equipped with a charging station for a 20 V starter battery.

Does the mower arrive fully assembled?

The lawnmower requires some assembly and is quite easy to assemble.

Can you use this lawnmower on the hills?

Yes, this mower can mow on hills.

Are the mower’s handles adjustable?

Yes, the handlebar can be easily adjusted using the handle on the handlebar’s end next to the wheels.