John Deere X394 Lawn Tractor Review

John Deere X394 Lawn Tractor Review


While John Deere 300 Series riders are impressive, the X394 ride-on mower takes the lead. With all the useful functions of its companions and the additional power steering, like in a car, it provides a precise mowing experience. Unlike spring-loaded pedals, this model also features hydraulic lifts to change the cutting height. It guarantees ease of use and maximum cutting comfort. At the heart of this machine is the 22hp air-cooled iTorque ™ V-Twin engine, which provides enough power to tackle even the steepest descents in residential areas. Let your neighbors take another look at the incredibly efficient 48-inch Accel Deep ™ mower deck. With the X394 Lawnmower, you get a professional look without any hassle. The X394 also features four-wheel steering so that the driver can drive smoothly even on rough terrain.

Key Features:

  • 48-inch Accel Deep ™ platform
  • Easy cutting with the optional MulchControl ™ kit (one-touch version or platform version)
  • Integrated management
  • Automotive-style power steering
  • Full four years / 300-hour warranty


The tractor is powered by a John Deere iTorque ™ system, which combines engine power with a unique hood design for superior strength, even cooling and long life.

The 22 HP (16.4 kW) V-twin motor offers sufficient power and torque for difficult grinding, cutting, and bagging applications.

The main features of the engine:

  • 22 HP (16.4 kW)
  • Large working volume of 726 cubic meters.
  • Air-cooled V-Twin for smooth and quiet operation

Quality characteristics include:

  • Cast iron cylinder liners.
  • Upper valves
  • Pressure lubrication
  • Replaceable oil filter.

Two-stage air filter type V:

  • Superior power and performance
  • Easy start
  • Smooth operation

Flywheel Alternator

The flywheel alternator has enough energy to quickly charge the battery and power electrical devices such as flashlights or sprayers:

  • 15 amp capacity
  • Set so that the battery remains fully charged without the risk of overcharging.

The fuel tank is large, 3.3 cubic feet. Gal. (12.5 liters) volume

Large fuel tank and user-friendly fuel gauge minimize fuel stoppages and fuel shortages:

  • The fuel tank has a large value of 3.3 bu. Gal. Capacity (12.5L) for several hours of operation between loads.
  • Tall, 3 inches. The filler neck of the 3-inch fuel tank makes refueling easier.
  • Located on the left-wing.
  • Helps clear up spills

An electronic fuel gauge on the dashboard allows the operator to easily monitor the amount of fuel in the tank.

48 inches 122 cm (48 A) Accel Deep ™ cutting deck

48 inches (122 cm) The Accel Deep platform uses the latest 3-spindle cutting technology to take productivity to the next level:

  • Gauge 10, 0.135 in. (3.4 mm) bridge cladding for long service life
  • Deep, flat insert for large-volume machining at higher cutting speeds.
  • Offers excellent cut quality and smooth relief.
  • Easy to clean above and below deck.
  • A sturdy four-point coupling system moves the mower away from the tractor to ensure an even and even cut.
  • The broad wheels of the cutter can be easily adjusted just above the ground to avoid scratches.
  • 25 In. With the cutting height level 6.4 mm, you can adjust the cutter to the desired cutting height.
    The deck alignment system makes it easy to align the router correctly.
  • Compatible with the optional MulchControl ™ system.
  • Compatible with high-performance Power Flow ™ collection systems.

Forty-eight inches (122 cm) The Accel Deep Cut Platform is a deep flat steel construction that offers excellent cut quality, performance, cleanliness, durability, and versatility. Optimal cutting and dispersing performance is guaranteed even at the highest cutting speeds:

  • 3 cm (4.83 in.) A deep platform for optimal cutting, chopping, and harvesting
  • The MulchControl lever or the optional electric hinge offer versatility and superior mulching performance.
  • The forged steel construction eliminates sharp edges and corners where material can accumulate and affect cutting performance.
  • The deck is suspended from the vehicle for a smooth and even cut.
  • Adjustable mower wheels, positioned directly above the ground, help reduce wear and tear.

Excellent Cut

The deep recess in the cutting deck guarantees excellent cutting quality. Allows loose and hanging materials to leave the panel without cutting:

  • By reducing the number of mowers below, you can use more energy to mow the approaching grass, which greatly improves the mower’s performance.
  • Helps in maintaining excellent cut quality at higher cutting speeds.
  • The clean flow of material out of the outlet area prevents the cut material from colliding with the cuts, allowing the blades to cut through the incoming material.
  • Even in mulching mode, the uniformity of the cut is improved compared to other models, as the additional depth ensures continuous circulation, an ideal new cut, and even cut distribution.


Deep cut drilling offers high productivity so you can get the job done quickly. This allows heavy, cut material to quickly leave the deck and reduce the cut, so more energy is available to process the approaching grass:

  • Dramatically improves the ability of the cutting tool to maintain excellent cutting performance under difficult cutting conditions and at high speeds.

The large exit is high and wide to accommodate more material:

  • Provides uniform chip discharge at all cutting speeds
  • Reduces the risk of clogging, especially when working on wet, thick, or thick grass and falls.
  • The Power Flow 48A fan has a 50% larger suction chamber than the Power Flow 48X fan used on previous machines.


The flat, raised shape of the cover is ideal for keeping you and the operator clean:

  • There are several places where equipment can be lifted and stored above and below the deck.
  • The deck top is cleaner, reducing the time and effort required for cleaning and maintenance.
  • The deck is self-cleaning for optimal performance without material build-up that interrupts airflow and splinters.
  • Less need to clean and remove dirt from the bottom plate.

The Accel lawn mower deck minimizes material leakage from the front of the deck:

  • Limited amount of material that can be directed towards the operator and the mower deck.
  • Even if the material is out of the conduit, the smaller cut will result in larger parts that wear less for the operator.
  • Mulch prevents the total flow of material, and the MulchControl attachment makes mulch a practical solution in most situations.

The discharge connection makes it easy to clean the deck.

The hose connector is located on the cutting platform.


The 48A torch is designed for maximum versatility, providing maximum ease of switching from one cutting discharge mode to another:

  • If the optional MulchControl accessory (with special cover blades) is fitted, you can switch from side-discharge to cover or vice versa simply by turning the lever or pressing the on/off button.
  • The Power Flow backhoe can be used with MulchControl blades and attachments installed. Simply move the straw cover to the side flush position using the MulchControl lever or the one-touch power button.


The 48A deck mower has sturdy shaft recesses to keep the blades aligned even after years of heavy use:

  • The ribs in the cover increase the force, if necessary.
  • 48A weighs 23 percent more than 48 “Edge ™ Xtra cutting deck (122 cm) for older machines.

Heavy cutting blades:

  • Offers greater strength and durability for longer, trouble-free operation.
  • Adjust the wheels quickly and easily to correct the height of the cut.
  • Low tension belt drive design reduces the side load on lower motor bearings and mower deck bearings for longer life.

The 48A deck measures 5/8 inches 16mm diameter solid steel side bumper for added strength and protection.

Two-step electronic coating and powder coating provides additional protection against rust.

Easy Steering

Full steering offers important maneuvering and adjustment advantages over two-wheel steering tractors.

For example, an X394 Select Series ™ tractor equipped with a 48 “(122cm) Accel Deep ™ Fit tractor:

  • The uncut rim radius has been reduced from 61 cm (24 in) for the X390 two-wheel bar to 38 cm (15 in) for the X394, eliminating or significantly reducing the need for reverse while trimming. Trees. Shrubs, etc.
  • The interaction between the cutting wheels and the tractor has been eliminated as they are only a few centimeters from the mowed object.
  • The outer turning radius is small, which reduces the turn time and increases the cutting performance.
  • Mowing of internal curves around flower beds or other landscapes can also be done more thoroughly with a four-wheel tractor.

The 4WD steering system is designed for tight turns for best cutting performance:

  • Roll, camber, and steering knuckle angles are optimized to reduce stress, especially when going from a straight line to a curve.
  • The steering geometry is designed using 3D modeling, so all four wheels work together.
  • Sealed ball bearings are used on the clutch and rear axles to reduce friction.
  • A small rear friction radius of less than one inch reduces wear and steering problems.

Sealed ball bearings are used in the tie rods on all wheels to reduce friction, increase life, and reduce the need for maintenance.

Ease of driving is important for a nice mowing:

  • Larger, 14 inches 35.6cm steering wheel offers better leverage for easier cornering.
  • Ball joints on both ends of the handlebar reduce wear and provide precise control.
  • Lubricated front steering axles reduce friction and improve wear over time.

Standard power steering:

  • Provides work like in a car
  • Reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity
  • Provides a tight turning radius for easy maneuverability
  • Adjustable steering wheel for greater operator comfort.

Snow Shovel

One of the advantages of ride-on mowers is the ability to use snow removal equipment. Lawn tractor owners can add a John Deere snowblower or front blade to quickly clear snow as needed. The weatherproof carcass and the tire chain links offer comfort and performance.

Available snow removal equipment includes:

  • 44 inches (112 cm) snowplow
  • 44 inches (112 cm) coverage
  • 48 inches (122 cm) front sheet (X394 Tractor only)
  • TerraGrip snow chains or traction tires
  • Waterproof case (available for all X300 series except X350R)
  • Weight

Integrated Hydrostatic Transmission

The Tuff Torq® hydrostatic drive houses the hydrostatic pump and rotary drives in the same housing as the differential and axles. This design is very efficient and reduces the number of sealing surfaces to minimize the risk of leaks.

When used with a pedal, a hydrostatic transmission works the same way as an automatic transmission in a car, so the term automatic is often used to describe it:

  • The use of newly developed valves has significantly reduced noise levels.
  • Large groups of pumps and rotary motors ensure long life and efficient operation.

The one-way control valve is conveniently located next to the rear tractor clutch disc for visibility and ease of use.

Four-wheel steering offers very important maneuverability and weight advantages over tractors with two-wheel steering.


 The frame is constructed of solidly formed and welded steel, reinforced at critical points for greater strength:

  • Frame constructed of 0.105 “12 gauge 2.66 mm thick material for long life.
  • The standard front bumper and attachment plate are made to the extent of 0.15 inch (3.8 mm) and complete the frame assembly.
  • The rear linkage can support two 19kg (42lb) Quick-Touch weights.

The weight support is integrated into the frame of models with two steering wheels.

  • Four-wheel steer models require additional weight support.

The front axle is made of nodular cast iron:

  • The front axle of the cast iron is sturdy and shockproof.
  • Cast iron is not deformed under heavy loads or shocks.

A replaceable ring is used when installing the axle:

  • The sleeve offers excellent wear resistance.
  • Grease fittings on each spindle are easy to maintain.

The front steering pin is 19 mm (0.75 in.) In diameter for strength and durability:

  • Have the strength to handle heavy tools.
  • Ensures the long life of bearing surfaces.
  • Use the precision sealed bearings in the front wheels.

Fastening system for heavy equipment is applied:

  • Features heavy frame wheels with a combination of mounting holes in the tractor shock plate that accept pins or shoulder bolts to support heavy rear-mounted equipment.
  • Easily apply additional attachments to the tractor.
  • Can handle heavy rear equipment, such as materials for the collection of materials.

Modern Style

Smooth and rounded contours for a stylish and elegant look:

  • The hood design incorporates the grills of the full-length air intake on each side and not to the top.
  • Running colder motor
  • The lower noise level in the operator
  • Hot air is outside the front grill away from the operator.
  • Fully closed box in colored printed material.
  • Reduces the health
  • Will not rust or notch
  • The distinctive grille and large finger fender complete the sleek design.

Headlights are standard for all models:

  • Two 27W lamps provide excellent illumination for good visibility for the evening.
  • The position of the headlight on the ignition switch facilitates the operation of the headlights.
  • Headlights are designed to provide an optimal lighting pattern when cutting and clearing snow.

Comfort and Convenience

 The operator station is designed for operator comfort and ease of use of controls:

  • Large, 14 inches, the steering wheel of 36 cm is convenient to use and minimizes the steering effort.
  • Full-length mats provide operator comfort and protect the footrest area.

Open back 15 inches. The high back seat (38 cm) offers a comfortable and smooth ride and good operator support:

  • Seat Shift 7 “(18 cm) with 15 positions allows the operator to sit comfortably and easily operate the controls.
  • The seat can be easily adjusted forward and upside down by the operator sitting on the seat.
  • Open design allows air circulation to keep the back of the operator cool and dry for a more comfortable ride.

A handle on the top of the seat is conveniently positioned for use when the seat is reclined to protect it from the elements.

The seat suspension can be adjusted without tools according to the weight of the operator:

  • The springs are adjustable back and forth in one of three positions.
  • No tools required
  • Allows precise suspension adjustment based on the operator scale.
  • Rear position for better support for heavier operators
  • Tool tray integrated into the seat base.
  • It can be used for storing gloves, small tools, etc.
  • Provides space for the Exact Adjust tool and the indicator to the coupe holder

Cup holder and tool tray placed on the wing for the comfort of the operator:

  • The cup holder is suitable for containers of various sizes.
  • The tool tray provides convenient storage.
  • Durable ABS plastic cup holder and tool tray.

A removable plug on the console in front of the operator provides a convenient location for the optional 12V socket and simplifies installation.

Convenient to connect the mobile phone charger and other electrical devices

It can be used to control rear electrical equipment such as sprayer or fertilizer spreader.

A 12V Quick Connector

A 12 V quick-disconnect connector for medium vehicle comes standard under the tractor fuse box to shorten the initial setup time for some implements powered by a 12 V tractor:

  • The 4-pin plug contains the battery, ground, and ignition key terminals and is turned on and off with the ignition key.



With the X394, you can easily take advantage of the dual steering and all-wheel drive cruise control – a combination you won’t find anywhere else.

Does it have a grass catcher?

Yes, the X394 is equipped with a compatible double bagger, which can efficiently collect chips and leaves.

What brand of the engine does the X394 lawn mower have?

The X394 is powered by an engine manufactured by Briggs & Stratton for John Deere.

Can I use ethanol-free gas in this lawnmower?