John Deere X734 Lawn Mower Review

John Deere X734 Lawn Mower Review


The X734 mower features 4-wheel steering for superior cutting performance and maneuverability. Electronic fuel injection (EFI) maximizes performance and provides fast starts and smooth warm-up. The two-wheel-drive with standard differential lock can perform a wide variety of gardening jobs efficiently. No obstacles, garden beds, or tree trunk can get in your way.


The engine runs smoothly and reliably, a liquid-cooled V-twin engine.

The John Deere iTorque V liquid cooling system with electronic fuel injection (EFI) offers exceptional performance and reliability for commercial use. The John Deere iTorque transmission system includes a combination of engine features to increase lifting capacity, uniform cooling, and durability.

iTorque means intelligent design (efficient execution of the task) and torque (excellent resistance). It is used only on Gasoline Select Series ™ and Signature Series tractors.

The 25.5 hp (19 kW) liquid-cooled V-Twin engine has a massive displacement of 745cc. One-piece engine hood tilts for easy engine maintenance.

The variable energy generator charging system provides enough power to quickly charge the battery and electrical power equipment, such as flashlights or sprayers.

Riding Comfort

Two-pieces, 21 inches high back (53cm), and John Deere embroidery have a thick cushion for added comfort even after a long day. The stern can be tilted for maximum operator comfort using a convenient lever on the seat’s side.

7 ” adjustable seat suspension, 4 bar. The longitudinal adjustment (18 cm) of the sliding track is designed to increase operator comfort.

Optional armrests increase operator support and comfort, reduce fatigue, and increase productivity, especially when mowing the lawn for extended periods. The armrests are adjustable according to the operator. The logo embroidered on the back of the seat makes this luxurious seat look as good as the outside.

The optional pneumatic seat minimizes the vibrations that the driver feels while driving the tractor and ensures a very smooth ride. This seat is equipped with air suspension, in which the driver can quickly adapt to his individual needs. The large ergonomic pillows are comfortable and reduce back fatigue.

Large headlights and rear lights offer a unique night vision:

  • Standard 37 W halogen lamps ensure excellent nighttime visibility.
  • Large automobile-style taillights improve tractor appearance and safety.
  • Headlights, taillights, and taillights are easy to control with a single switch on the control panel.

Lawn Mower Handling and Performance

Hydraulic steering is standard on all X700 Series tractors. Provides simple, vehicle-like controls to reduce operator fatigue, improve maneuverability, and increase productivity

The all-wheel power steering of the tractors X734, X739 and X754 offer considerable advantages in terms of control and adjustment compared to tractors with two steering wheels:

  • The diameter of the uncut circle is minimal, eliminating or significantly reducing the need for a kickback when pruning trees, shrubs, etc. Cutting the inside curves of gardens, flower beds, etc. It can also be done much more efficiently with a four-wheel tractor with steering wheels.
  • Interference elimination from blades and tractor wheels is located at a distance of several centimeters from the object to be processed. By cutting rectangular areas, square corners can be cut more efficiently and effectively.
  • The outer turning radius is reduced, reducing the time it takes to turn corners and increasing cutting performance.

The X739 is equipped with 4WD and 4WD steering for maximum traction and maneuverability.

Quality Cuts

The 14 cm deep platform design offers excellent air circulation to be processed quickly and efficiently. The axis is printed in 9 gauge 0.15 inches. (3.8mm) steel and has reinforced reinforcement along the bottom edge for added strength and durability.

The deep imprint of the cutting deck ensures an excellent cut quality. Allows cut and weighed materials to leave the deck without cutting:

  • The clean flow of material from the outlet area prevents cut material from falling onto the cut grass so that the blades can cleanly cut the incoming material.
  • Even in mulching mode, the cut’s uniformity is improved compared to other models, as the additional depth provides continuous circulation, an optimal cut, and even chip distribution.

The deeply embossed cutting platform offers high productivity, so you can get your job done quickly. It gives room to mow, and the weighed material immediately leaves the platform, reducing the amount of new mowing, leaving more energy to deal with the incoming grass:

  • Significantly improves the ability of lawnmowers to maintain excellent cutting performance in difficult cutting conditions and at high speeds.


The 48A deck has strong shaft pockets to keep the blades in line even after years of intensive use.

The low tension belt design reduces side loading on the cutter bearings for longer life.

The 48A deck has a 5/8 inch deck. The side shock absorber is made entirely of a 16mm diameter steel bar, which provides greater strength and protection.

Two-stage electronic coatings and powder coatings provide additional rust protection.


The 48A lawnmower is designed for maximum versatility and makes it easy to switch from one mower unloading mode to another:

  • If the optional MulchControl (with special mulching blades) is installed, the transition from side unloading to mulching or vice versa takes place by simply moving the lever.
  • When changing the unloading mode, the blades do not have to be altered as the mulching blades are also designed for side unloading.
  • The rear Power Flow catcher can be used with the MulchControl attachment and the knives by moving the MulchControl lever to the side unloading position.


The John Deere Signature Series is the best lawn mower on the market and can also do many other gardening tasks, such as B. Snow removal, lawn cleaning, and landscaping. These heavy-duty tractors include two-wheel (2WD) and four-wheel (4WD) traction models, two- and four-wheel steering and permanent four- and four-wheel steering.

Before starting the tractor, the hydrostatic drive pedals must be in the neutral position, the brakes must be applied, the TDP disengaged, and the ignition key must be activated.

The MulchControl attachment makes mulch more practical for many mowing situations. It not only does an excellent mulch job, but it also makes it easier to retrofit the mower for applications where it is more desirable to unload or collect the side lawn material.

48 “(122 cm), Accel Deep ™ 48A lawnmower and 54 ” (137 cm) and 60 inch Edge ™ Xtra lawnmowers. The high capacity (152 cm) lawnmowers) Verge uses a high-performance Power Flow fan to collect material in a variety of material collection system.



You wouldn’t buy a kart if you needed a sedan. So don’t buy a lower quality lawnmower to do your job with the X734 lawnmower. John Deere has created the perfect balance between power, efficiency, and comfort for daily cutting. With an electronic fuel injection engine, you don’t have to cross your fingers when turning a key. The 60-inch deck covers a large area with a professional-looking cut that allows for more long passes and speeds up your projects. The control of all wheels ensures precise turns and efficient finishing. A sturdy welded frame and 4-year / 700-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty ensure that the X734 will last season after season.