Why Is Soil Porosity Important?

Why Is Soil Porosity Important?

Soil structure is one of the most important parts of growing a healthy garden. Many gardeners have been working for decades to create abundant garden land containing mineral and organic compounds. To achieve good porosity, the structure of the soil…

Aeration: Why, How & When to Aerate Your Lawn

To achieve and maintain a beautiful lawn, basic grass care techniques such as mowing the lawn, fertilizing and watering must be used properly. It is also important to ensure that nutrients enter the soil below your grass. Aeration can be…
What is Terra Preta?

What is Terra Preta?

Terra Preta is a unique form of soil created by human activity. Artificial soil has some unique properties; Terra Preta is not only incredibly fertile and retains its fertility for hundreds of years, but it is also a form of…
How to Fumigate Garden

How to Fumigate Gardens

Soil fumigation is shank or drip raised beds. Depending on the type of pathogen and the level of infection, fumigant compositions are injected under the surface at different speeds and depths. Then the earth’s surface is compacted with yarn or…
Soil Moisture Content Testing

Soil Moisture Content Testing Methods

One of my most common questions is “how much water should I have?” The amount of water you need in a garden depends only on soil and climate, so there’s no way I can answer this question. READ MORE