Cub Cadet SC 900 Gas Lawn Mower

Cub Cadet SC 900 Gas Lawn Mower Review


Are you in the market for a self-propelled lawn mower? If so, you might have come across the Cub Cadet SC 900 Gas Lawn Mower and may be wondering how it differs from the ordinary push mower. If that is what you seek, then you are in luck!In this post will demystify the self-propelled lawn mowers which despite their striking resemblance to the regular mower operate quite differently

Self-propulsion in a lawn mower is the feature that makes the mower easier to use uphill and around obstacles as it consists of a drive system. The drive system only comes to life when you squeeze on the handlebars or similar actuation sensors and therefore you can rest assured that your mower will not be going anywhere without you. It will normally come with an array of intelligent features which makes it more efficient and powerful than your ordinary mower.

Features of the Cub Cadet SC 900 Gas Lawn Mower

  • High end residential class lawn mower
  • 23” blade and MySpeed smart controlled drive system
  • Fuel efficiency of about 3.02 acres per gallon
  • Ingenious safety and comfort features
  • Powerful 196cc Cub Cadet OHV engine
  • Recoil w/ SureStart Guarantee engine start mechanism
  • Includes mulch plug
  • Foldable handle/bail
  • Net dry weight 100lbs
  • 25- 3.75 adjustable cutting height
  • Patented SmartJet high-pressure deck washing system
  • Single-lever height adjustment , 6-positions
  • 3-in-1 bag, mulch, side discharge
  • Deck: 23″ steel
  • Front/Rear Wheels: 9″/9″ new tread wheels
  • 4-year limited warranty


The SC900 comes with a bit of an umph for the engine which is still the trusted Cub Cadet OHV with 196 CC displacement. This is a formidable force that drives the rip of the cutting edge to up to 195MPH. This will not only provide ample torque for self-propulsion but also ensure that the mower does not get bogged down under heavy loads.

Cub Cadet SC 900 Gas Lawn Mower

The larger engine capacity is of concern when it comes to fuel consumption but you can expect to get at least an acre out of a full tank of gas. The performance of the engine under torture in real world applications will perhaps justify the extra horses in the motor. What’s more you need to rest assured that the motor you pick has enough juice to push and cut.

Cub Cadet engines are often the most revered part of the brand, they come reliable and start easily after months of storage with minimal maintenance routines. Yes, even for manufacturers the motor is the most expensive part and the main factor in pricing of all mowers and therefore perhaps you should consider it too.

Riding Comfort

Although the SC 900 is not a riding lawn mower, it is pretty close when it comes to ease of use. You only need to input steering commands as the pushing is done for you. Perhaps the best part about the mower’s intelligent power and features is that it will set a speed to match your personal pace using the My Speed feature.

When hunting down the best residential lawn mower under $500 you will note that the SC900 stands out as a shoot-out winner across gas and electric powered mowers in the price range. It will be challenged by exceptional makes like the Honda on a few occasions but its overall safety and comfort features stand out as the most impressive set.


As mentioned above, the SC900 stands out as a smooth running and exceptional winner in the residential category of lawn mowers electric and gas included. It has a little more power than needed but still feels smooth and easy thanks to the intelligent controls and stable construction.

Among its impressive features set is the 23” blade and MySpeed self-propulsion mechanisms which lets you walk behind the mower at your own pace. A variety of tests carried out on the mowers included stress test where the speed was set to a mere 2.5 MPH and pushed through some hardened grass with shrubs until the blades ground to a halt.  The SC 900 was able to outdo several of its competitors except the Honda which happens to have a shorter blade.

When driven through thick and heavy load, the speed of the blades on this machine dropped less than 2% from 195MPH o 191MPH. This is important because the speed of the blades influence the quality of cut as we will see in the section below.

Cut Quality of the SC 900 lawn mower

The Cub Cadet under fire today is one of the most agile lawn mowers that you can get for less than $500 and features a 23’ blade under a thick steel deck which ensures excellent results for all terrain. The motor is powerful enough to push the edge of these knives to a staggering 195MPH. Higher velocity of the blade ensures a cleaner cut whereas a deep well in the cutting deck ensures greater air circulation for cooling the blade which ensures healthy grass. With the high velocity, larger chunks of grass are cut severally making them better mulch or easier to dispose.


The longevity of this mower is guaranteed by the company’s generous warranty period and can also be expected given the choice of construction materials that the manufacturer chooses to use. It consists of a steel deck which comes with a patented deck wash smart Jet washing system to ensure the material does not corrode from decaying plant material. The residential mower also comes with industrial treaded tires and most materials are borrowed from the commercial grade mower category making it a good investment for anyone looking for a long-lasting mower that can also withstand a bit of torture.


The Cub cadet SC 900 lawnmower comes with a number of extra features and qualities that we’ve come to expect from any other lawnmower. It has a wash hole for safely and effectively washing the mower’s underbelly. After you’ve finished mowing, just connect a garden hose to the wash port and wash your mower.

The Cub Cadet SC 900 lawnmower comes with a durable recoil starter which is not as advantageous as electric start mowers but cuts on the weight of an onboard battery.

The Mulch plug is integrated while the grass bag that comes with this model is a 3.1-bushel dust blocking bag. We all want a machine to last longer once we purchase it. There are numerous pieces of equipment that may be acquired as an addition to guarantee that the machine lasts as long as possible. With this machine, you may purchase optional equipment, one of which is the cover. This protects the gadget while it is being stored. This will aid in machine maintenance, since dust, which is a major cause of machine failure, will be avoided.


When you buy a lawnmower from the Cub Cadet array, you get guaranteed customer service in addition to the mower’s wonderful features. The lawnmower comes with a three-year guarantee. This means you may always contact the manufacturer if a fault or breakdown happens during the three-year warranty period. In addition, the mower is made of high-quality materials to ensure its longevity.


The Cub Cadet SC 900 gas lawn mower is well-made and versatile. It’s extremely maneuverable, allowing you to get it into places you would not have been able to before. This, along with the rear-wheel drive, allows it to handle a variety of terrains and slopes. The lack of a blade brake clutch is one of the minor flaws. Overall, this is one of the best lawn mowers on the market and an excellent choice if you have a well-kept lawn. Make the decision today to purchase a Cub Cadet lawn mower and enjoy the numerous advantages of owning one.


Which is better, a gas or electric?

While refilling a gas mower takes less time than replenishing the batteries of a electric one, it does take time. It’s a long trip back to the garage for petrol when you’re mowing a huge yard. Do you walk the gas out and then back in before starting the mower up again?

What is the cutting speed of the SC 900 Cub Cadet gas lawn mower?

The SC 900 Cub Cadet walk-behind mower reached 195.3 MPH at its blade tip with a low load mimicking an average weekly cut. That’s a couple mph slower than the leaders, but it’s still comfortably inside cutting range.

Who should buy a cub cadet lawn mower?

For residential gas mowers, Cub Cadet is our choice if cutting power is a high priority for you.