Wood Scrabble Design Ideas That are Perfect For Your Wall

The large wood scrabbles pieces on the wall look amazing and work as an excellent wall decor. The family wood scrabble wall art is versatile and you can make a family sign, an inspirational sign or some other design. This actually works as an amazing way to display your family member’s names, motivational thoughts and some of the other words that are important for you. The beautifully handcrafted tiles which are utilized to make the scrabble wall art are carved from the selected pine boards. They have rounded edges and are poly coated for the perfect finishing look.

Find out below some of the wood scrabble wall art ideas perfect for your walls.

Spell names of family members

You can utilize the large scrabble tiles to spell out the names of all the members of your family or just your last name can be put on any of the combination of the special words you like.

Home sweet home

Just order the letters which come in this quote and you could spell this home sweet home while intersecting your family member’s name.


Scrabble tiles

A scrabble tile which is made from the pallet wood is quite a great way to decorate your walls. This is also a terrific gift to your loved ones on special occasions. Just find out the letters you actually need to choose your name or the words. Then you can find out the number of tiles you require per letter from the drop-down menu.

The wall letters are truly versatile and can be arranged in many interesting ways

Image Source : makingtimeformommy

Everyone loves to scrabble. There are many ways of making the family wood scrabble wall art for different types of the occasions. The wall letters are truly versatile and they can be arranged in many interesting ways. The patterns can continue to grow with more and more letters added in the future.

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