Best Ryobi Lawn Mowers

5 Best Ryobi Lawn Mowers

Are you looking for information on Ryobi Lawn Mowers? This article to help you find the best one for your needs.

The key element behind a beautiful green and well-kept lawn is the lawn mower.

But when this breaks and you have to replace it or when you just want to exchange it with a newer and more avant-garde model, how can you orient yourself in choosing a new or more recent model from the entire range of products on the market today?

The choice is certainly not easy but here comes this precious guide that will explain step by step what are all the characteristics and functionalities of the Ryobi lawn mowers to consider before choosing which one to buy.

Factors to consider when choosing a lawn mower?

First of all, it will certainly be necessary to evaluate the characteristics and dimensions of the land on which you will use your new lawn mower and then also the frequency with which the work will be necessary.

Having established this, we can review the more specific technical aspects, first of all we start with the type of engine , carefully evaluating its power and consumption .

Someone particularly demanding can also focus on the noise by preferring a particularly quiet model. Let’s then look at the construction quality and the materials used and the ease and comfort of use even during the most intense jobs.

Finally, even the brand is certainly to be taken into consideration and of course in the final phase the decision is made by the price.

In this article we will try to indicate the main features of this indispensable tool and which are the best Ryobi lawn mowers on the market.

Ranking of the best Ryobi Lawn Mowers – Features and Prices

1. Ryobi RLM13E33S push lawn mower – The Best Quality Price

Best Ryobi Lawn Mowers

This comfortable ultralight push mower offers a 33 cm cutting front to create different types of lawn, including English, given the possibility of reaching a minimum of 2 cm in height from the ground.

The machine body weighs just 9 kg which supports a power of 1300 W in mains voltage, so it requires an insulated extension cable to work properly.

It integrates different functions, including that of grass catcher, to avoid filling the lawn with clippings, especially when you have to go from very high grass to extremely well-kept grass, with a minimum height of 2 cm , guaranteed by sharp rotating blades just enough for the grass and very precise.

The steel sickle is easy to handle with gloves, in case you need to clean it, because there is no risk of cutting yourself. You can choose up to 5 different cutting settings to transform the image you have in mind into a truly flawless lawn, choosing between discrete steps and with the certainty of 35 liters of grass tank, which is equivalent to a whole large lawn, no need to unload.

The ergonomic handle and the possibility of adjusting both the height and the inclination of the handle make this electric lawnmower absolutely versatile , ready to be used in different contexts, even in the case of lawns with a certain slope or with challenging terrain.

Furthermore, the great cutting precision is also guaranteed by the fact that the blade almost reaches the edge of the shockproof plastic protection, so as to also eliminate the regrowths around the stones and obstacles in the garden.

The technology of this lawnmower also helps to reduce dull areas at edges and curbs , where usually other machines simply bend the plants without eliminating them. Furthermore, when the lawnmower is not needed, it can be disassembled by unlocking the joints to keep it on a shelf in the garage, or hung and save space.

Comfortable foam handleMakes a high pitched noise
Light and easy to turn and maneuver
Cuts to the edge

2. OLM1833B Cordless Lawn Mower

Best Ryobi Lawn Mowers

Designed for those who do not want to carry heavy and uncomfortable extension cords, or simply have a complex garden that requires a lot of movement capacity, this lawnmower is compatible with high amperage battery packs , not supplied with the ONE + series, which can guarantee different autonomy to manage its powerful, very quiet engine.

The cutting blade is the characteristic one of Ryobi products, very clear and precise and with a good mass that guarantees versatility and efficiency even in the face of very hard and fibrous grass , but which can be easily managed with gloves, if there is a need for clean it or re-sharpen it using a soapstone.

The height can be adjusted in discrete steps, from 25 to 65 mm , so it is perfect both for lawns and for those a little higher and decorative by choosing between three positions, via a comfortable and robust direct selection lever.

Mount the EasyEdge comb , an accessory that allows you to mow the lawn even near the edges, without having difficult to manage mowings and therefore allows precise work under every hypothesis. Depending on the selected amperage of the battery pack, it is also possible to have durations of more than half an hour continuously at maximum power.

Mulching plug includedDoesn’t have a roller for creating a striped lawn
Ideal for smaller lawned areasHandles do not easily fold flat at the deck level
Easy to adjust the cutting and handle heightNot good for larger gardens

3. Ryobi 18V ONE + Brushless Battery Lawnmower

Best Ryobi Lawn Mowers

With its extremely silent brushless motor, for an accessory designed to manage gardens up to 500 square meters meters, this lawnmower is perfect for those who have to deal with neighbors and areas where noise control is essential and being able to keep the lawn tidy is a crucial factor.

The two 4 Ah batteries already included an 18 V voltage to ensure maximum power for the motor and offer high torque, which equates to great speed and resistance to even the most fibrous weeds and even small twigs without risk of jamming.

It works directly with the single battery, but by adding the second you can double its autonomy to cover large areas, or choose to keep the reserve one in charge to mow the grass more often or to take a break in the middle.

The height can be adjusted in 6 positions between 20 and 70 mm in a very simple and above all precise way for those who want a perfect and flawless lawn. The One + platform to which this product belongs is a Ryobi idea to ensure that the same battery can be used on different machines, more than 150, for home and garden.

Thanks to its characteristics and the fact that the power pack is ultra-light lithium-ion , moreover, this powerful lawnmower equipped with a tank and with different integrated functions is very light and can be used practically anywhere, even on very rough terrain, thanks to the large non-slip and non-slip hard plastic wheels, cushioned to deal with cuts on climbs and descents.

Enough power to mow my lawnBatteries run for short time
Great height adjustment system
Two batteries and a charger
Light weight

4. Ryobi petrol lawn mower RLM4114

Best Ryobi Lawn Mowers

For professionals and for those who have to treat very large lawns very accurately, this petrol lawnmower is the ideal solution, because you just need to carry a small tank to not stop even after hours of work.

It offers a 41 cm cutting width with an easy-to-clean steel blade to stone-sharpen if necessary for a grass collection volume of 55 liters, more than enough to tackle even entire parks.

Mowing management is very simple, with a system that can be switched via the rear extraction nozzle to spread the grass, store it, or mulch.

Its 140cc engine guarantees constant speed and high power that can tackle even hard grass and bushes. The large wheels and the steel protective skirt are designed to protect against any risk of accident.

It also offers the possibility of adjusting the height on different steps to obtain English or French lawns are just some of the aspects to be taken into consideration for this lawn mower.

The engine, in addition to ensuring the precise cut of the grass, also offers an excellent degree of traction to make this accessory more manageable, which despite its 31 kg weight can be safely pushed for a long time without tiring.

The mechanical parts must be lubricated to keep them in order and the candle is compatible with the standard ones for gardening, to change it in complete autonomy with the supplied key if it becomes encrusted or consumed.

Reliable and easy starting every timeMulch plug sold separately
2-in-1: Grass bagging and rear eject
Mulching compatible deck4
Self-propel transmission removes the need to push mower
Smooth and easy movement
Great height adjustment

5. Ryobi RLM15E36H

Best Ryobi Lawn Mowers

For lawns of all sizes, this mower offers 1500 W and a 36 cm cutting front , height adjustable in different positions, to decide the type of cutting style. Thanks to its EasyEdge technology it allows you to tackle even edges and curbs without leaving irregular parts and is very light, even for very complex maneuvers, just 11.5 kg.

It works with the mains voltage and thanks to its comfortable handlebar it can be moved on any type of surface, even making complex maneuvers. By adjusting the emptying mode you can decide whether to take away the cut grass by keeping it in the large semi-rigid 45 liter tank, spread it to mulch or eject it while you work.

The large rear wheels are designed to simplify maneuvers and with the clutch engaged it is possible to adjust the height even with gloves, in such a way as to be able to climb the grass in a differentiated way according to the actual need, also to create areas with a more interesting stage effect.

All components are washable and removable as well as shockproof for easy maintenance. Furthermore, by unlocking the joints , the lawnmower becomes compact and can be easily hung in the garage.

Perfect choice for mid-sized gardensPower connector design definitely needs attention
Easy to operate by all usersExpensive
Handlebar folds down for ease of storage

Ryobi lawn mower: where to buy it on Amazon

In this article and in the previous ranking we have mainly indicated products for sale on Amazon.

The reasons for its success are soon said: first of all the incredible assortment of products to choose from; products that can often also be purchased on offer and therefore at an even lower price than the already low price offered by default by Amazon compared to any other online or physical store.

Secondly, the guarantee offered which also reimburses up to 2500 euros in all cases of problems encountered both with regard to the items purchased and due to their delay or delay in delivery. After the guarantee you have the refund service which is something truly unique that only Amazon can give you: you can in fact return the product within 30 days of purchase without having to give any explanation of the reason. Example, you buy your lawn mower and after seeing it personally you don’t like it anymore. Well, you can safely return it to Amazon without any constraints or problems and immediately obtaining a refund of the amount spent; then if you were also registered for the serviceAmazon Prime , for all the selected products you will not pay any shipping costs and the orders will be delivered to your home in just 24 hours.

Last but definitely not least Amazon ‘s amazing customer support for just about anything. Just report any problem or misunderstanding that you will be promptly contacted by one of their operators who with extreme professionalism and kindness helps you to resolve the matter immediately. Here is a brief explanation of why we will often have to direct our purchases towards this immense and safe e-commerce, simply because Amazon really knows how to love its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions about choosing lawn mowers?

What kind of maintenance does a petrol engine lawn mower require?

Regular maintenance requires frequent cleaning of the air filter and cleaning of the engine filter every 10 working hours. Then every 30 hours the spark plug must be checked and the engine oil must be changed every 50 hours of work.

Is a push or self-propelled lawn mower better?

The answer is it depends. On gardens of medium or small size or with many obstacles including having to pass such as benches, structures, trees or plants, generally a push lawn mower is better. If, on the other hand, we have to work on a large lawn or with a steep slope, a self-propelled lawn mower is certainly the best choice.

Is a mower with a mulching system essential?

No it is not essential but certainly having it greatly facilitates the work by completely removing the burden of having to go over the lawn to collect all the freshly cut grass.

I have a fairly large lawn; can a self-propelled lawn mower be enough or better a lawn tractor?

Surely the ride-on mower is better because of its convenience but the price also rises considerably. If the cost is not a problem then that is the best choice however by removing the comfort of use even with a self-propelled lawn mower we do a great job.

Are robotic lawnmowers as efficient as normal push robots?

Robotic lawnmowers are certainly a valid alternative even on medium-large grounds, however, not having all the power of a traditional lawn mower, they can find themselves in difficulty in the presence of too high grass or uneven ground, full of holes or slopes. . In addition, the work in the edges is often approximate and needs to be revised.

Does a petrol-powered lawnmower consume a lot?

No. Let’s say that with a liter of petrol you can cut about 300 square meters of lawn.

Is it true that petrol lawn mowers cut even tall, wet grass well?

Given that the lawn should always be mowed when it is dry, the answer to your question, however, is yes. Sometimes to prevent the grass from growing too much after the rain you have to cut it when it is still wet and the petrol engine lawn mowers are absolutely perfect for the occasion thanks to their remarkable cutting power.

Is it hard to mow a lawn with a helical mower?

It depends. If the soil is small and the grass is low you will be able to work with little effort. Otherwise it is better to at least opt ​​for an electric lawn mower.

Does the mower blade require maintenance in addition to the engine?

Yes, if you notice a loss in cutting power, it must be disassembled and sharpened or replaced if damaged.

What is the difference between a lawn mower and a lawn mower?

None. Both terms refer to a wheeled tool dedicated exclusively to cutting grass on lawns.