Best Toro Lawn Mowers

5 Best Toro Lawn Mowers

Do you want to get a premium riding lawn mower? Then Toro should be the brand you can count on.

This is not my opinion, the majority of Toro users agree. Toro has made ride-on mowers that are second to none since the beginning of mower manufacture.

High-quality riding lawn mowers have proven to be efficient in every respect, from performance to quality. As a homeowner, why not choose Toro?

You may be wondering, what are the best Toro riding mowers? You can relax because you will find the answer.

It goes without saying that it would be difficult for the average consumer to find the perfect riding lawn mower. That’s because there are a large number of options on the market and it’s easy to stumble to find the best one. . We’ve compiled a list of the best Toro riding lawn mowers to help you solve this problem.

Now let’s look at the best riding mowers on the market.

1. Toro Timecutter 60 inch Fab Deck Zero Turn Mower

Best Toro Lawn Mowers

Would you like to mow a large lawn? If so, then the Toro Timecutter zero-turn mower should be your number one choice. The Toro Timecutter handles any type of adverse mowing conditions and can also maintain lawns with multiple obstacles.

Toro has been in the lawn mower business for more than 100 years. And they have brought their wealth of experience to the manufacture of innovative products. This also applies to the Toro Timecutter.

It moves smoothly across the lawn. It has shock-absorbing mounts that ensure you don’t feel any shock or vibration while mowing.

We were really impressed with this mower’s Pro DNA technology. This technology is used in all of Toro’s top-of-the-line products.

Features and Benefits:


This mower can handle lawns with many steep slopes and obstacles. And since it’s a zero-turn mower, it can easily maneuver around tight spots without encountering any problems. It can mow a maximum of 4 hectares of land in a single pass.


The deck of the Toro Timecutter measures 152 cm. It is made from durable 10 gauge steel with a reinforced leading edge.

Cutting height:

It features a 4-point deck attachment system. A drop pin can be used to adjust the height of the deck.


Smart Speed ​​Technology is a feature of the Toro Timecutter. The speed of the mower can be controlled by the user. It can also reach a top speed of 7 MPH on the ground. It can cruise at a top speed of 5.5 MPH in tow mode.


The engine that powers this lawn mower has 24.5 hp. This Toro engine is unique. Most importantly, this engine meets all safety and emissions requirements. It is quite sturdy and the blades rotation speed is 3600 rpm.

2. Toro Titan 54 inch Fab Deck Zero Turn Mower

Best Toro Lawn Mowers

The Toro Titan zero-turn mower is a great choice when you’re looking for a powerful lawnmower. This lawn mower is unrivaled in performance and engine power.

The system features a drop-pin style height adjustment system. You can easily adjust the cutting height to your liking. It is made of durable materials and will last a long time.

The blade on this mower is extremely fast, rotating at a speed of 18000 fpm. The mower can cut the grass into smaller pieces and then spread them around the garden. It leaves no lumps.

The protective tire fenders prevent the engine from being hit by tire spray.

Benefits and Features:


This mower is capable of handling rough mowing conditions. This mower can mow lawns with uneven surfaces or obstacles. And it can mow up to 7 hectares of land in a single pass.


The Toro Titan features a 137 cm cutting deck made from durable 10-gauge steel. The Toro Titan also features a reinforced leading edge and Kevlar belt.

Deck Customization

It features a foot operated deck lift. You can adjust deck height while mowing. This protects your deck from damage from fallen branches, twigs, rocks, etc.


The Toro Titan lawn mower is extremely fast. The mower has a maximum forward speed of 8.5 MPH and a maximum reverse speed of 3 MPH.


Maintaining this mower is fairly easy. The oil can be refilled without tools.

The Toro Titan offers exceptional durability and performance. It’s a little expensive. But despite the high price, buying this lawn mower is definitely worth it.

3. Toro Timecutter 54 Inch Zero Turn Mower With Fab Deck And MyRide

Best Toro Lawn Mowers

The Toro Timecutter 54 features all of the Pro-DNA innovations that Toro has used in its commercial lawn mowers. The mower’s excellent performance and innovative design make it a popular choice for landscape professionals.

The Timecutter 54 mower ensures a smooth ride on bumpy, uneven terrain. That’s because it features Toros’ proprietary MyRide suspension system.

The TImecutter lawn mower is also equipped with a foot-assisted deck lift that can be operated while the mower is running. To protect the deck from stones and pebbles, you can adjust its height.

Features and Benefits:


This mower is capable of handling rough mowing conditions. It has enough power to mow through lawns with uneven surfaces and obstacles. It can also mow 7 hectares in a single pass.

Washout port:

You can easily clean this lawn mower. Simply connect your garden hose to the mower’s washout ports and it will blast all types of debris off your mower deck.


The TimeCutter 54 mower is quite fast and has a maximum ground speed of 7 MPH. Trim mode has a maximum speed of 4 MPH.


This lawn mower is pleasant to drive. The adjustable high-back seat has armrests and is also adjustable.


This mower features a 54″ (137 cm) cutting deck made from heavy-duty 10-gauge steel. The deck features a reinforced rim, 15cm thick spindles and a reinforced rim.

Overall, the Toro TimeCutter 54 is a quality lawnmower that’s loaded with a host of exciting new features. So, we highly recommend it.

4. Toro TITAN 60 inch MyRide Fab Deck Zero Turn Mower

Best Toro Lawn Mowers

Toro Titan 60 Zero Turn Lawn Mower features a 152 cm cutting deck. This mower is more powerful than most lawn mowers in the industry. It can also provide exceptional cutting performance under harsh conditions.

This mower is ideal for large lawns with many obstacles. It is a zero-turn mower, which means it can easily go around obstacles.

The most exciting feature of the Toro Titan 60 lawnmower is its MyRide suspension system, which allows the mower’s deck to move with the contours of the ground. This mower is capable of maneuvering on uneven surfaces and rough terrain.

Features and Benefits:

Height adjustment

The mower has a drop pin height adjustment mechanism. It also comes with a rubber slide and an air filter that looks like a canister.


This mower’s engine makes it better than the other riding mowers on the market. A 24.5 hp engine powers the Toro Titan 60 lawnmower. It provides the mower with enough power to mow through tall, ragged grass.

Tire fender:

This mower features protective tire fenders. These fenders protect the engine from being hit by flying debris. They protect the driver and prevent him from being hit.

Suspension system:

As already mentioned, the Titan 60 lawn mower has the MyRide suspension system. This allows the mower to slide on uneven terrain.


The mower’s three blades are very sharp. They can spin at 18,000 fpm.

If you have a large lawn or are looking for a powerful mower, the Toro Titan 60 is for you. You can trust it to be a great lawn mower.

5. Toro Timecutter 42 Inch Zero Turn Mower With Fab Deck

Best Toro Lawn Mowers

The Toro Timecutter 42 lawn mower has a compact design and comes with a 107 cm cutting deck. This mower is compact and helps you save space. This mower is well constructed and offers excellent performance.

This saves you up to 50% mowing time.

That’s because this mower is exceptionally fast, with a top speed of 7 MPH. In addition, this mower has a handcrafted high rear seat that makes the ride comfortable for you.

This mower is ideal for mowing medium-sized lawns. It has a 2 acre mowing area in a single pass.

Features and Benefits:


The Toro Timecutter lawn mower is powered by a 23 hp Kawasaki engine. The engine meets all safety and operational requirements. This engine provides the mower with enough power to tackle rough mowing areas and hilly terrain.

MyRide suspension system:

Just like the previous entry in our list, the Toro TimeCutter 42 features Toros’ proprietary MyRide suspension system.

Washout ports:

Cleaning this lawnmower is effortless. That’s because this mower has washout ports and you can attach the garden hose to it and clean mud, accumulated grass and other debris from your deck.

Intelligent cruise control:

The Smart Speed ​​technology of this mower allows the user to efficiently control the speed of the mower.

The Toro Timecutter 42 is an easy-to-use lawn mower with many great features. It’s affordable too. It’s definitely worth considering.

Toro Lawn Mowers Purchase and Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria should help you find your perfect Toro lawn mower. To do this, you should focus on these criteria:

  • Length of the blade
  • Drive
  • Operation (petrol, battery, electricity)
  • Collection container
  • Lawn cutting height

Length of the blade

The length of the blade is the width of the cutting blade. More precisely, this means that this parameter provides information on the width that can be mowed with the mower.

Since the lawn mower is smaller than the riding lawn mower, the blade is also shorter in length. The length of a blade on a Toro lawn mower is between 46 and 76 cm.

The Toro onboard mower is generally larger. Therefore, the blade is also longer than that of a hand mower. The manufacturer Toro sells lawn mowers with blades between 81 and 137 cm in length.


We divide the transmission of a lawn mower into two categories: the wheel drive and the speed drive. The latter focuses on controlling the speed of the mower.

Toro mowers have two types of transmission in terms of the wheel. There are rear-wheel drive lawn mowers. This means that the car is driven by the rear wheels. An all-wheel drive is also included in some Toro mowers.

Toro has two models for setting the speed. The most common type is the automatic drive. This system is available from Toro on almost all lawn mowers, usually in conjunction with Traction Control (TCS). This unit automatically adjusts to your walking speed. The ASR also ensures that the tires do not spin.

Toro mowers are also sold with a continuously variable speed setting. Here, the speed can be adjusted by the user. The device can only be adjusted to walking speed by manually setting the speed in advance.

Operation (petrol, battery, electricity)

Operation tells you what form of energy your lawn mower can operate with. There are several types on the market, such as running on electricity with a cable, running on battery or running on petrol.

Toro mowers are available only on petrol or battery.

Since Toro wants to work very independently, Toro only offers cordless mowers. Therefore, operation with electricity is difficult. Also, rechargeable batteries are only sometimes included in a Toro lawn mower.

Toro mowers, ride-on mowers, and walk-behind mowers, are mostly available on gasoline only. Power-driven lawnmowers in particular can only be used with petrol. Among the lawnmowers, however, there are also models that can be operated with a rechargeable battery.

Collection Container

The catch bin determines how much grass a mower can collect before it needs to be emptied. It is expressed in liters.

Information on the contents of a dirt container is given in liters. This is because the container is a volume and the unit of volume is always given in liters.

Toro mowers have different sized collection bins. These mowers usually have a collection volume of between 55 and 74 liters of grass. This contrasts with the ride-on mower, which has an average collection volume of 227 liters.

Some Toro mowers, on the other hand, do not have a collection bin or require no indication of the collection volume. This is because Toro has developed a special system that includes a mulching function for recycling. This means that there is no “weed waste”.

Lawn Cutting Height

When buying a lawn mower, you should also pay attention to how high it can cut the grass. Of course, this is only important if you want your lawn to be cut to a certain height. The following table gives you a small overview of possible cutting heights with a Toro lawn mower:

With Toro mowers that are manually operated, there are two different types of cutting heights. There are mowers with a possible cutting height of 25 to 102 mm and those of 32 to 108 mm. If you want your lawn to be cut shorter, you should pay attention to this when making your purchase.

Toro ride-on mowers are only available with a single cutting height. This is the height from 38 to 114 mm. Other cutting heights are not available on a Toro self-propelled lawn mower.


What makes Toro mowers different from other manufacturers?

Toro mowers have a special shade of red that is always present in their products. Toro mowers are offered in a combination of red and black. There are no other color schemes for Toro mowers.

To keep your garden in good shape, you need a suitable lawn mower. So you can add a touch of style to your lawn. (Image Source: unsplash / Fran Hogan)

In addition, Toro lawn mowers are better equipped than other branded products. This is because they have a wide range of lawn cutting heights. Toro’s collection container is usually much more voluminous than that of other branded products. Toro lawn mowers are also characterized by their cordless operation.

Most Toro mowers have a recycling function. Special cutting chambers and a special blade cut the cut grass several times. It is then left on the lawn again. This allows the grass to be composted quickly. This way you can protect the environment while providing your lawn with nutrients.

What types of lawn mowers does Toro offer?

The Toro brand has two types of lawn mowers in its range. There was another type, the lawn tractor. This can only be bought second hand.

Toro lawn mowers are primarily petrol powered. However, there are some battery-powered models as well. Toro mowers are all cordless and therefore cannot be powered from a power outlet.

Also, a Toro lawn mower is not suitable for larger gardens. Since these mowers have smaller blades, it would take a lot longer to mow a large lawn.

Power lawn mowers are great lawn mowers you can drive. Because they have a small turning radius, in the case of the Toro a zero turning radius, they are only suitable for large lawns. They are also particularly suitable for older people, as this is the lawn mower you drive.

If you want to store this lawn mower, you will need a lot of space. This is because ride-on mowers are quite large and wide. Because these mowers are large and you can or must drive them, they also use more gasoline than a hand mower.

Are spare parts available for Toro lawn mowers?

There are many spare parts available for Toro lawn mowers. Almost anything can be replaced. Blades are the easiest to buy, as you can find them on Amazon, for example. You just have to pay attention to the length that fits your Toro lawn mower.

Toro offers many replacement parts. You can also filter by model and buy the perfect parts for your Toro lawn mower.

On the Toro website you can also enter your model and Toro will tell you which parts are available for your machine. Additionally, the Toro website also tells you where you can buy the piece in your area. This way, Toro saves you a lot of work when looking for your spare part.

What Toro mowers are available to businesses?

The manufacturer Toro also offers many lawn mowers that are particularly suitable for certain professional groups. There are special lawn mowers for government offices and golf course operators. We briefly introduce you to these different types.

* Fairway Mower: The fairway mower is suitable for golf course fairways. It has three trimmers that allow you to cut the fairway evenly. This way the grass can be at the same height without deviation.

* Rough Lawn Mower: This lawn mower is also suitable for golf courses. The rough mower is particularly suitable for dry and wet slopes. The difference with the fairway model is the way the lawn is cut. This is because this lawnmower even makes cutting strips.

* Greens Lawn Mower: This lawn mower is used on golf courses. It works like the fairway mower, except this device usually has 3 wheels for better grip. In addition, this mower has the advantage that it can continue to mow evenly even when there are bumps in the ground.

* Mowers for cutting and mowing: These mowers are also often used on golf courses. The lawn mower cuts the grass and leaves the blades of grass standing. At the same time, it expels the cut grass and distributes it evenly on the lawn.

* Reel Lawn Mower: This lawnmower is built for sports facilities and public green areas. Therefore, it has been specially reinforced for driving on curbs. This means you can walk over it without breaking your lawn mower.

* Sickle Lawn Mowers: These lawn mowers are actually like green lawn mowers. The only difference is that they can also cut a very high cutting height. This is particularly suitable for public lawns.

* Special Mowers: Toro also has special mowers for public spaces. These are very small and can mow very narrow patches of lawn without any problems.

How can you store a Toro lawn mower?

A Toro lawn mower can be stored in many ways. When it comes to storage, the Toro lawn mower is not that different from other branded products.

The classic way to store your Toro lawn mower is in the shed. It also depends on your space. Toro walk-behind mowers can be stored horizontally and some even vertically. You can also fold the handle to save even more space.

Ride-on mowers are quite large. So you can’t keep them everywhere. The best advice is to store it in a large shed to protect it. Of course, you can also leave it out.

Where can you  use a Toro lawn mower?

A Toro lawn mower is versatile. Depending on where there is a lawn, you can also use a lawn mower. You just have to pay attention to the condition of the lawnmower. Not all Toro mowers are suitable for all conditions.

Toro walk-behind mowers are suitable for smaller, flatter lawns. There are, of course, models that are suitable for steeper slopes and wetlands. However, these are usually intended for businesses and are therefore much more expensive. If you want to mow a large area, it is best to take a lawn mower aboard the Toro.

What guarantee does Toro give you on your lawn mower?

The manufacturer Toro offers various types of guarantees. Here we give you a brief overview of the guarantees
30 days or 300 hours of operation: This warranty is intended for buyers of ride-on mowers. However, these are only the products purchased by the companies. Smaller ride-on mowers are guaranteed for 30 days and larger ones for 300 hours of operation.
2 years: Toro walk-behind mowers have a 2-year warranty. It is important to note that this is a full guarantee.
3 years: This warranty is in the push lawn mower category. For private customers, the guarantee is 3 years.
5 Years: There is also a full 5 year warranty for walk-behind mowers. This is offered, for example, on the Super Recycler.