Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

6 Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

In this guide to the best robotic lawnmower of 2022 we will compare the most valid models on the market with opinions and reviews to help you choose.

The wireless robotic lawnmowers, also called robotic lawnmowers or lawnmowers or simply garden robots, can be considered the outdoor version of the most famous robot vacuum cleaners. Just like these and like floor cleaning robots and window cleaning robots, they allow undeniable time and energy savings.

Imagine no longer having to think about one of the most tiring tasks of a garden owner. In fact, how many times have you found yourself cutting the grass from the lawn in a torrid and sultry heat?

These appliances are a valid ally to keep the garden grass taken care of without the least effort and, together with the WiFi irrigation control units , represent the ideal option for those who intend to automate the daily actions required by their outdoor spaces.

Best robot lawn mower 2022: opinions and comparison

Here are some of the best robotic lawnmowers of 2022:

  • Worx Landroid WR130E
  • McCulloch Rob S600
  • Bosch Indego S + 350
  • Ambrogio L60 Elite
  • Husqvarna Automower 430X
  • Gardena SILENO City 500

Naturally, the best brands of robotic lawnmowers offer numerous models based on specifications and functionality, autonomy and coverage area and it is therefore impossible to draw up a truly complete list . Alongside the models listed above, we recommend others from the same manufacturer, often from the same line. Let’s move on to the opinions of each.

Our buying guides are the result of our personal experience and long and in-depth research, using official and authoritative sources, collecting the opinions of professionals in the sector and real user reviews.

1. Worx Landroid WR130E – The Best Cheap Robotic Lawn Mower (Small Lawn)

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

Let’s start our review with what we consider to be the best economic lawnmower robot, one of the models that boasts excellent opinions and reviews (it is one of the best-selling in its category on Amazon). We are talking about the Worx Landroid WR130E, a model with an affordable price, but able to offer excellent performance in relation to its price.

Suitable for small gardens (300 m2) , Landroid WR130E is an automatic lawn mower that offers the possibility of managing up to 4 different work areas. Completely plug – & – play, it is sold already programmed and ready for use.

So just take it out of the package, place it on the lawn and the robot will start mowing the lawn for you.

The supported slope is up to 27%, which is approximately 15 degrees. Therefore, it also lends itself perfectly to steep and steep terrain. In addition, it is equipped with infrared sensors capable of detecting and circumventing obstacles in the path of the automatic lawn mower.

Thanks to the integrated WiFi module, it can be managed remotely via the dedicated app . From this, it will be possible to program its operation, but also to select the area of ​​lawn you want to mow with your finger.

Very interesting is the PowerShare 20V interchangeable lithium battery, which can be disconnected from the robotic lawnmower and used with another Worx device (for example, a compatible electric saw).

EconomicOnly for small lawns
WiFi and programming
Worx interchangeable battery

2. McCulloch S600 Lawn Mower

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

Without a doubt, one of the best automatic lawn mowers of the moment is McCulloch S600. Of American origins, the brand now belongs to the Husqvarna AB group, a leader in the sector and a well-known name in smart gardening.

The trump card of this product is the quality / price ratio. The lawnmower robot is designed for medium to large gardens, up to 600 m2. Suitable for soils with slopes up to 35% , this model is equipped with a mowing system with 3 blades for mulching at 5 levels (20-50mm)

Like most robotic lawnmowers , McCulloch RS00 works after installing the boundary wire supplied (150m). From the standpoint of autonomy, it guarantees an average of 60 minutes of continuous work , before automatically repositioning itself at its charging station (60 minutes required to charge and restart).

Among the best also from the point of view of silence (58dB), the robotic lawnmower works perfectly even in the rain, thanks to its resistance against bad weather (IPX5 class). It features the PIN safety system and an alarm in case of lifting, as well as the locking of the blades in case of overturning.

Good coverageLack of more advanced smart and system features
Excellent performance

3. Bosch Indego S + 350 Garden Robot

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

We continue our review of the best robotic lawn mowers with a reference brand in the gardening / do-it-yourself sector. Let’s talk about Bosch and the Indego S + 350 model.

As the name suggests, the automatic lawn mower is suitable for small to medium sized lawns, up to 350 m2. The most distinctive feature of this robotic lawnmower is the Logicut navigation , which, considering the shape and size of the lawn, will automatically calculate the most efficient route , remembering the areas already completed (memorizes the mowing session each time).

The AUTO calendar function is noteworthy : just place the boundary wire and start the mower which, after mapping , will recommend a mowing program / calendar based on the lawn (a customized configuration is still possible).

The noise level is discreet (63 dB), while the autonomy (45 minutes) can be improved. However, it is acceptable if related to the charging times (45 minutes). Once the battery is exhausted, the robot will return to the base to recharge.

In addition, it is resistant to rain and is equipped with multiple anti-obstacle sensors. Like the model seen above, it is equipped with a PIN code to discourage theft and mulching (it will not collect the grass but will chop it up on the lawn, using it as fertilizer).

Excellent performanceGardens up to 350 square meters, autonomy can be improved
Good, smart and advanced features (auto calendar, etc.)
Excellent performance

4. Ambrogio L60 Elite Robot Lawn Mower

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

Ambrogio L60 Elite is one of the best robotic lawn mowers without perimeter wire. Technologically very advanced and resistant (IPX4 class), the Ambrogio lawn mower enjoys excellent reviews and is plug & play: just remove it from the package, press a button and the device will start cutting the grass.

Its patented sensors for grass recognition, in fact, allow the product to understand perfectly and automatically how far to go when mowing, without the need to install any perimeter wire.

Therefore, it is useful if you intend to use the device on several lawns. It is a robotic lawnmower suitable for particular needs: specifically, for those who have small gardens (up to 200 m2) and require quick and easy installation for immediate use.

Sensors are definitely the main selling point . The ZGS (Zucchetti Grass Sensor) is in fact designed to recognize the turf and understand if, at a certain point, the grass has already been cut. In this case, the robot will automatically reduce its energy expenditure, consequently increasing its autonomy and reducing wear.

The “abyss” sensor is also well made, built to prevent overturning and falls. To close the circle, the shock sensors also work optimally.

The four powerful drive wheels make it a very versatile product suitable for all uses: the robot is in fact able to travel on uneven ground or with steps, with an admissible slope of 50%, managing to guarantee excellent shaving performance.

The only flaw of this robot is the lack of automatic charging : it does not have a charging base. Therefore it will be necessary to recharge the robot manually (once the battery is discharged, the robot will stop). On the other hand, it is the price to pay if you prefer an easy installation without the perimeter wire.

Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, it can be managed via the Ambrogio Remote app , starting / pausing it and programming it (only by delaying departure).

One of the few robots that does not require a perimeter wireOnly for very small lawns (200sqm)
Quick and easy installationNo charging base (manual charging)
Excellent on very uneven and sloping ground
Overall performance and power

5. Gardena Sileno City 500 Garden Robot

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

The Gardena SILENO City 500 makes intelligence / connectivity a strong point and which is compatible not only with Alexa but also with Apple HomeKit , as well as with the IFTTT platform.

In fact, alongside Bluetooth, the more advanced version includes a gateway / WiFi module module (smart system) that allows remote and voice management of the device via the Gardena app and access to some advanced smart features. The gateway is also compatible with other Gardena irrigation products that support the SmartSystem and it is therefore possible to create a home automation control unit for everything related to your lawn.

The Gardena SILENO City 500 robot is a device suitable for gardens up to 500 m2 , with good performance and functionality. Among these, the CorridorCut system allows the robot to effectively cut grass even in tight spaces and corners and dead ends. In addition, with SensorControl, the robot can automatically evaluate how often the grass needs to be mowed based on growth. In fact, in the app there is a real assistant for programming the cut.

Quite silent (> 60 db), it is able to withstand and work in the rain and overcome slopes of 35%. The autonomy is 60 minutes and also the charging times are around the same value.

Smart and compatible with Alexa, IFTTT and Apple HomeKit (version with gateway)Average performance and power
Value for money
Advanced functionality and system

6. Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower Automower 430X

Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

For those with a high budget and above all with a very large garden , among the best robotic lawnmowers on the market we cannot fail to mention Husqvarna Automower® with its X line, the most innovative, and in particular the 430X version. Very robust, this specific version is able to cover large surfaces (up to 3200 m2) and with significant slopes (it has been tested with excellent results even at slopes greater than 40%).

Unlike other commercially available models, this robotic lawnmower is a truly intelligent product. Assisted by an accurate GPS system, the robot is able to completely map the garden, in order to optimize performance during subsequent shaving sessions.

The 430X  automatically finds its charging station when the battery is low. The charging time is very short (50 minutes) and guarantees an autonomy of 145 minutes . Other noteworthy features are certainly the silence (only 58 db) and the excellent mulching cutting capacity.

From a safety point of view, the Husqvarna Automower® 430X robotic lawnmower is equipped with lift sensors, which block the blades if the machine overturns. In addition, it offers the possibility of PIN lock to prevent theft attempts.

The lawnmower, as well as via the control panel integrated into the product, can be controlled via the app, for remote management of the appliance (Automower Connect app, compatible with Alexa). This also has a geofencing function, with which you can check the path of the robot, both via heat map and linear path.

The best professional-level robotic lawnmower whose only “flaw” is the not exactly cheap price. However, its performance justifies every euro spent. On the other hand, this is a purchase that can last up to 15-20 years.

Ideal for large gardensPrice
App controllable and compatible with Alexa (new version)

What is a robotic lawnmower?

A robotic lawnmower is a device that automatically mows and adjusts the lawn for you.

These devices are powered by electricity and have a rechargeable battery . It is therefore a wireless robotic lawnmower . Precise and silent, these robots can work even on the most inaccessible terrain or with steep slopes.

Furthermore, thanks to the integrated GPS system, the robotic lawn mowers are able to completely map the garden , in order to improve their performance over time.

How an automatic lawn mower works

The operation of a robotic lawnmower is really simple. Just charge the battery, program the device and start it up. The lawn robot will automatically move back and forth, keeping the grass at the right height

Obviously, the product is not sold individually, but as part of a real do-it-yourself gardening system consisting of:

Charging station:  the base to which the robot will automatically return to recharge and, if necessary, restart.

External perimeter wire:  wire placed around the garden perimeter to delimit the range of action of the robotic lawnmower. In some models it is not necessary (see Ambrogio L60 Elite, for example).

Guide wire: the wire that will help the robot to find the charging station at any time. In some models it is not necessary.

Perimeter wire: The perimeter wire defines the working area of ​​the robot

Robot lawnmowers: do they really work?

The question that arises is: “if I buy an autonomous lawnmower, can I forget to cut the lawn”? The answer is: absolutely yes. The best robotic lawn mowers are in fact a technological concentrate, precise and with high performance.

You will only have to choose how to program the product and you will be pleasantly surprised by the uniformity of the cut. Furthermore, from an energy point of view, they are highly efficient and non-polluting products, since, unlike motor lawnmowers, they only use electricity.

Of course, the level of satisfaction is directly proportional to the expectations of the product itself. For this, a little research is necessary to understand what your needs are and, consequently, the most suitable product to meet them.

How to choose the best robotic lawnmower

Before analyzing the best wireless robotic lawnmowers on the market, let’s see what are the features to consider before buying. As already anticipated, it is necessary to understand one’s needs, in order to avoid buying a product with a not exactly low cost in an impulsive and, in hindsight, not very intelligent way.

  • Choose a lawn mower robot based on the size of the garden

“How big is the working area of ​​my potential robotic lawnmower”? This is certainly the first question to ask before purchasing one of these devices.

In fact, large surfaces (over 2000-2500 m2) require products of a higher price range, with greater autonomy. On the contrary, for lawns with smaller surfaces, you can opt for products belonging to cheaper price ranges.

Other factors to be evaluated in relation to the size of the garden are obviously the speed of the robot and the size of the blades.

  • Type of terrain

Not all gardens are the same. For a small private garden or with slight slopes, it is possible to opt for standard models, therefore without too many pretensions. If, on the other hand, your garden has steep areas , with slopes greater than 30 degrees, we recommend more resistant models and preferably with four-wheel drive .

  • Robotic mower on a slope

In addition, the most advanced products have a safety system that blocks the blades in the event of the robot overturning. This function is therefore very useful in the case of rough terrain.

Same goes for sensors able to recognize the irregularities of the ground. Obviously, the endowment of these features will raise the price, but they are necessary for a user experience that does not disappoint expectations. On the other hand, different gardens require different robotic lawnmowers.

  • Robot lawn mower without bag: mulching

What about the cut grass? This is another question that may arise spontaneously before purchasing a robotic lawnmower. Among products with or without a bag for collecting the cut grass, our advice is to opt for a third way: the best robotic lawnmowers, in fact, have  mulching .

For newcomers to the sector, mulching consists of cutting, shredding the grass and distributing it on the lawn, without therefore collecting it in a bag. The benefits of this mowing mode are undeniable: the cut grass will act as fertilizer for your lawn, making it greener and more resistant.

  • Programming the garden robot

Most of the best robotic lawn mowers are programmable. You can then decide at what time to start it and during which days of the week. This feature is obviously very useful in case of your absence: the lawn will no longer grow wild, but will always remain perfectly groomed and mowed.

  • Smart functionality of the robotic lawnmower

Some robotic lawnmowers have Bluetooth connectivity or integrate a WiFi module and are therefore manageable from an app via smartphone or tablet .

Thanks to a dedicated app, it will be possible to program the operation of the device, change the main settings, control the sensors, etc.

In the case of latest generation (and therefore connected) robotic lawnmowers, it will of course be possible to control the device remotely or by voice , where compatibility with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant is supported . Not only that, like other home automation and smart home devices, it will be possible to insert the robot into its ecosystem and make it interact with other smart products and within customized scenarios and automations.

  • Charging the autonomous mower

Considering charging is key. There are two types of robots: automatic and semi- automatic . The former are able to autonomously head to the charging base when the battery is low. The latter, on the other hand, require your intervention to be moved to the loading station.

  • Robot lawnmower prices

The prices of robotic lawnmowers vary considerably based on brand, type, accessories and specifications. Generally, prices start at around € 500-700 for robots suitable for surfaces up to 500 square meters to even go beyond € 5000 for the most advanced models capable of covering very large surfaces (4000-5000 square meters). It is often possible to find different offers and advantageous prices, both on generic sites like Amazon.

Best robot lawn mower: The Most Frequently Asked Questions

How does the mowing robot work?

Just charge the battery, program the device and start it up. The lawn robot will automatically move back and forth, keeping the grass at the right height. The automatic models will automatically return to the charging base.

How to choose the robotic lawnmower?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the robotic lawnmower. Among the main ones, of course, there are the size and morphology of your garden, which will necessarily influence the choice of the best model for your needs. For a complete overview of the factors to consider before buying, read our guide above.

How much does a robotic lawnmower cost?

The price of robotic lawnmowers varies from a few hundred to several thousand euros for top-of-the-range models. Obviously, various factors affect the price, such as the range, the presence of drive wheels, the safety system, the presence or absence of a guide wire and boundary wire, etc.

What are the best brands of robotic lawnmowers?

There is no single answer to this question. In fact, it is necessary to consider personal needs and the available budget. Among the best brands we find: Worx, Zucchetti, Husqvarna, Gardenia, Bosch, McCulloch, etc.

How to put the robotic lawnmower’s perimeter wire?

The perimeter wire serves to delimit the work area of ​​the robot and is positioned around the edge of the garden or the various obstacles (trees, hedges, etc.) using special pegs or burying it (depth from 1cm to 20cm). If stakes are used, they should normally be placed each one meter apart to keep the wire taut.