John Deere E160 Lawn Tractor Review

John Deere E160 Lawn Tractor Review


In the warmer months of the year, yards can be an undisciplined disaster. Rain makes them grow higher faster and thicker. Drought makes them dry and crispy. Small lawnmowers and low power lawn mowers cannot be used for maintenance on large areas. If you are concerned about mowing your lawn because your lawnmower is not meeting your needs, consider buying a new lawnmower. To see if the John Deere E160 Lawn Tractor can handle the stubborn backyard of grass, weeds, and the occasional wandering flowers, we spent hours testing this product in a large garden, must be mowed quickly. If you’re ready to make your life more comfortable with a more powerful lawnmower, see if this ELS 48 inch V-Twin hydrostatic lawn mower is worth the investment.


Home Depot, a major John Deere supplier, offers White Gloves, a free benefit organization service for tractors that includes fluid and battery tests and manuals and tutorials. This service can be a significant argument in favor of selling cars with the same price and rating, just because you get help getting to know the car and making sure it works as it should – a real plus if you don’t. I have not done it yet. You now have a great lawnmower or activity.

If your lawnmower was purchased from a dealer that does not offer this service, check with your local tractor shop or small engine shop to make sure the tractor is properly adjusted. It includes checking the oil, oil caps, batteries, battery connections, and tire pressure. The user manual also contains detailed instructions for use and an introductory video to guide you through all functions.


The John Deere E160 Lawn tractor has a deep three-blade bottom design that makes it easy to cut grass and weeds with a 48-inch cut but makes the machine-wide at the base, nearly 60.8 inches. Wide, Side By Side, Side By Side, you must have enough space to store your tractor before you buy, because it may not fit everywhere.

The Ready Start Rocker switch system starts quickly and easily without a starter or a particular drive. The trigger mechanism is similar to a car, which makes it easier to get used to working.

At the operator’s station, all buttons and displays, except the fuel level indicator in the tank, are easily legible. It is right under the seat, so be sure to check how much fuel you need before or after cutting. It was difficult for us to control the fuel level while the car was moving.

The blade clutch mechanism is located a short distance from the left side of the machine. You can lift the blade if you are walking nearby or on something you do not want to cut. You can also adjust the height while mowing the lawn. If you’re going to change the angle of inclination in driving, you do not need to go out of the car to adjust the height. The pitch can be selected from increments of 1 “to 4” at 0.25 “.

The operator’s seat is soft and ergonomic for greater driving comfort. You can adjust the strap on the back for better support. Also, there is a cup holder and safety pocket on the right side of the device, so you can hold water while cutting and hide your phone or music device.


V-Twin ELS (Extended Life) 24 hp has a lot of power, and you can see it by pressing the pedal. We are glad that you can use your gas pedal to choose your speed, making it easier to control the trajectory until we are more comfortable. A hydrostatic transmission may also have difficulty cruise control, so you can set a comfortable speed to maintain proper steering.

Thanks to the super-powerful engine and speed (up to 8 km / h), we can cut three acres of soil in an hour and 15 minutes. It is about 20 minutes shorter than the previous cut with a less powerful machine. Because of their size, there are areas in the backyard where we need to cut or apply herbicides because they are small for a large tractor. Eventually, the cutting time will be more or less the same.

Although the machine may not have the same unusual zero rotation as some larger lawn mowers (which often add hundreds or even thousands of dollars in prices), this lawn mower can spin abruptly, making it easier to get around a tree cutting, like flower beds and borders. The propeller and bonnet’s width may not allow you to come so close to the edges as on a lawnmower. However, a slope is helpful.

Gas Mileage

John Deere E160 Series Lawn Tractors are equipped with a fuel tank just below the driver’s seat. The seat must be raised to access. (You can see the mouthpiece cover under the seat.)

However, the gas tank was one of the mower’s biggest disappointments. The tank was full when it was mowing, but at the end of three acres of mowing, the sensor indicated that the tank was empty. Thinking that the car used gasoline, we tried to fill it but found that the tank was almost full. After I settled down, a screen appeared showing that the fuel tank was two-thirds full. The next time you mowed, the screen fell to the ground despite being almost half full.

The fuel tank “floats” under the driver’s seat. It rests on springs and not on a screw in the car’s frame. The gas indicator is used to read the gas level with a hollow cylinder. However, we have found that this is often incorrect, so we can manually track the amount of gas used and refuel more often.

One of the advantages of John Deere machines is Easy Change Oil, a 30-second oil change technology that keeps the mower lubricated and ready to go. If you were unable to use the White Glove delivery service, John Deere offers interactive tutorials. The oil filter needs to be changed every 50 hours of mowing, which costs about $ 40.

Noise Level

The John Deere E160 is tall, like many lawnmowers. We decided to wear ear protectors to keep the noise as low as possible. However, we could hear people screaming over the car’s sound, which was suitable for safety.


When it comes to safety, John Deere seems to be two steps ahead. The company has developed an automatic shutdown feature that disables the machine blades and locks the mower when mowing in reverse without activating the MOV option. However, you can ignore this by stopping the vehicle and pressing the reverse button on the steering wheel’s left side. You can then blow backward (maximum 3.2 miles per hour). Otherwise, the machine will not grind in reverse.

The reverse pedal is located directly next to the forward (accelerator) pedal on the right side of the vehicle). The brakes are in a different position from the vehicle pedals. Therefore, you need to be very careful beforehand to ensure that your foot is in the correct position. The brake pedal is located on the left side of the mower.


To prolong the machine’s life and prevent damage from deposits, the cutting deck must be cleaned after use. A built-in quick disconnect is located above the blade plate cover. You can plug in a garden hose, turn on the water, and start the mower. Then turn on the mower blades and let the water drain for at least a minute.

We found that the grass, soil, and water were scattered. So make sure you do it in a place where you don’t have any clutter. Make sure the lawn is in an area where it can be easily mowed because the constant movement of the leaves damaged the grass when you first tried to clear it.



If you have a small yard of less than half an acre, you probably don’t need such a large lawnmower. A lawnmower or smaller lawn mower will work. However, if you need to accomplish several acres, especially terrain with varying terrain (low slopes or hilly areas), this garden tractor is a worthwhile investment. It also comes with a full two-year warranty and an additional two hours of warranty.

Final Verdict

Become the champion in the backyard with this ride-on mower.

When your yard is more significant than usual and a little cluttered on the best of days, the John Deere E160 ride-on mower is the powerful lawn care machine you need. With proper care and maintenance (including regular oil changes), this machine can last more than a decade, which is worth the initial investment, especially if you hate a car’s lawn care needs.

Bottom Line

The John Deere E160 ride-on mower is well worth the investment if you have a large yard with thick grass, undergrowth, and uneven terrain.

What kind of cutting adjustment can the mower provide?

The lawnmower can easily cut 1 to 4 inches of grass of varying lengths.

Can this mower be used as mulch?

YES! You can easily couple the mulching set with other towed attachments to the mower.