10 Beautiful Farmhouse Style Kitchen Design Ideas

When the word farmhouse pops out, the visual that comes to your mind is the feel of the rustic, a country like an environment. Nowadays, everyone has got so bored living the city life and elite patterns that now everyone craves to live the country life.

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, and many experiments can be done with the interior designs of our kitchen. A country house means a family gathering and all positive and warm feelings coming our way.  So, you can give our kitchen a rustic and country feel to make everyone feel welcomed. So, if you are planning to bring a modern farmhouse kitchen into your home, then you can have a look at the following decor ideas:-

 1. Kitchen with a fireplace

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Designs

Kitchen is the comfort zone of many of you. Whenever someone is in the kitchen, they feel warm and confident. And a fireplace adds to it. You can relax and chill by the fire in between your cooking operations. Plus, the interior is designed in totally whiter groups. This adds a fresher and clean look to your kitchen.

2. Kitchen with a cabinet

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Designs

Kitchen is all about the different types of ingredients and the secret ones. You need cabinets in your kitchen to store the various types of utensils and containers. Also, the decorative lights add to the charisma of the kitchen. It gives an old country look to your kitchen.

3. Barn wood farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Designs

In this style of cooking, you have wooden beams that decorate the ceilings giving it an old and worn out look, but they are very much more durable. These wooden beams decorate the ceiling and bring out the feeling of nature. The center table has a marble base, and the chairs are sturdy and match the colors of the roof. There are decorative, industrial lamps that are hanging from the ceilings.

4. Classic wood and white farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Designs

In such a setting, white is the dominating color. You can use white paint to fill up the wooden planks used in the walls and ceilings.  There is a large table painted white with a significant amount of rustic painted chairs where the whole family can sit and make merry.  The doors, windows, and cabinets are also painted white, and the washbasin is attached to the table. Also, vintage night lamps are hanging down the table.

5. Shabby Chic farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Designs

In this style, you can utilize wood for the various elements of your kitchen. Here, your kitchen will have a faded and worn out look, but maintaining it would be straightforward. The roof, the floor, the oven, the table, and the cabinets are made of totally unpolished wood, giving it a rusty and country kitchen look. Plus, there are china pots placed on the table which have herbs planted on them.  Additionally, there are multiple cupboards and drawers on the table, making ample space for things to store. There also you will find lights hanging, that has the shabby and rustic design and which matches with the theme.

6. Open spaced airy kitchen

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Designs

This type of cuisine has ample space, and they are spacious and have lights coming from multiple windows. You can decorate such a kitchen design on your own as well. The walls are made of bricks with no layer of cement on them, which gives a rough country feeling. On one corner, there are tiles added where you can adjust your oven, washbasin, and the cupboard. You can place your refrigerator beside the closet with the same matching color, and there can be placed a small table with tools at the center. On the ceiling, there can be a small bulb to light up the setting. The flower vase can be hand made from old unused glass bottles. All these give a total rustic feeling to the environment.

7. Modern styled farmhouse kitchen lighting

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Designs

In this type of setting, there is an urban-country look. Though the ceiling is made of pure cement, the walls are made of woods and tiles. The chimney is covered in virgin timber, thus giving an ancient look. The utensils racks are made of genuine wood and without cover. There is a window for enough light to enter the kitchen.  Also, modern chandelier is replaced with the ancient rack where you can place candles, just like the old times. Furthermore, just for fun, you can name your specially designed as “THE FARMHOUSE.”

8. A public farmhouse style kitchen decor

This type of kitchen is too open and airy, and they are connected to the living room.  This type of decor has the touch of both a country kitchen and a modern setting as well. The major part of the decorations is done of weed, such as the dining table, the kitchen table, the cupboards, the window panes, and window covers, etc. On the kitchen table, in class kars, there are kept the various type of fruits and seeds as if they were freshly picked from the country farmhouse garden. Also, there is a board just like you can see at a country tavern, which might account for the menus for the day. Though the lights have a modern touch, when you get up from the bed and then visit your kitchen, it will remind you of the kitchen of your grandmother back in the country.

9. Authentic farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Designs

This kitchen has the whole looks and feel of a country farmhouse. The space is very little, just like in a country kitchen. The roofs, floors, cupboards, and the tables are made of pure rustic, unpolished wood. On the table, there are freshly picked spinach and berries. The racks are minimal with no design, and the containers to are made of pure clay or chinaware. The chandelier on the top also has space for candles. You can also keep pots on the corners where you can grow either herbs or flowers. The tool circling the table is also made from wood. If you are looking to design your kitchen as an authentic country kitchen house, then this is the one.

10. A sovereign country styled kitchen

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Designs

If you plan to build a grand kitchen within a stately home, then go for this style. This style of cooking has a royal and noble touch to it. The designs of the roofs and window sills are very intricate. The color of the cupboards matches with the room. The kitchen table has a marble based surface, and the bottom is pure wood with shelves for keeping the books, or other necessities. The kitchen table also has chairs surrounding it so that you can gossip with your family members in the kitchen while you work, just like the country people. There is enough space in the room for multiple workers to work at the same time, just like a more prominent family works in the country.

The memories of living in the country with our grandparents are lovely and worth cherishing.  We all want to reminiscent those golden days and wish we could get them back. All the country activities like fetching water from the well or picking fresh veggies or fruits from the garden at the back will always be missed. You can retouch those memories by decorating your kitchen in the country style.

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