French Drain And How Does It Work

What Is A French Drain And How Does It Work?

Drainage in almost all situations, both in homes and industry, water, or garbage is extremely important. Without proper drainage, water or unwanted waste can accumulate and cause various problems. If you have a damp garden or basement, French drainage is your cure. Learn how they work, when to use them, and what types they exist.

What is a French Drainage?

What is a French Drainage

The French drains consist of a small filling trench that helps keep water away from the building’s wall surface.

Many people use them on sidewalks or in gardens when they know that the land is prone to flooding.

Sometimes surface water does not drain properly due to soil and many other factors.

French drain must ensure that this never becomes a problem because all the liquid will be removed from the building.

In most cases, people fill the French drains with stones or other materials so as not to see the flow of water.

How a French Drain Works

As mentioned earlier, French drainage ensures that all rainwater outside the building drains from the building.

Water flows through a gravel channel and then flows into a pipe at the bottom of the drain. Water flows through the pipe and then safely flows out of the house.

For those who organize French drainage in their yard, the ditch must be tilted by an inch every few meters. This should be enough for the water to move in the right direction and never cause flooding problems.

In many cases, people who build sewers send surface water to the bottom of the plot, to the sewer system, or the street.

When do you Need French Drainage?

When do you Need French Drainage

If you have a serious flood problem, the French drain may be the solution. This is not only an effective solution for draining water, but it does not affect the overall appearance of the home and the lawn. Consider French drainage, if you have one of the following conditions:

Does surface water collect on the lawn?

Having a wet lawn alone may seem safe, but don’t leave it unattended. If you have a lot of shallow water that doesn’t flow out of the lawn, you can expose your home to severe flooding on the line. Install French drainage to drain the surface water and protect your home investment.

Are there floods in your backyard after heavy rain?

The outdoor terrace is the perfect place to relax and unwind in the warmer months. However, poor surface water runoff can quickly undermine plans for outdoor events. Flooding the patio is just a step toward the water or basement.

By adding a French drain system to your home, you can drain excess water from your home and patio. Keeping the courtyard and garden dry will also prevent mosquitoes and other pests from multiplying right at home.

Are basement floods a recurring problem?

One of the best ways to prevent basement flooding is to minimize the amount of surface and groundwater near your home. French drainage may not be a permanent solution in case of foundation problems. However, this can certainly help hit large amounts of water from home. If flooding occurs due to water build-up during heavy rains, try using French drainage to prevent water from accumulating on the property.

Are floods damaging the foundation of your home?

While you may not have experienced major basement flooding, poor property disposal can cause water damage. Enter the basement and discard the walls and frames to see visible signs of damage. An odor of mold or mildew can also indicate that your property’s surface or groundwater is harming the lower levels of your home.

While foundation damage may not be easy to detect, French drainage can do wonders to prevent it. Finally, you can save hundreds of dollars in damage from the water that destroys the base of your home and ends up in the basement. Set it up so that floods never enter your home.


Make sure you have installed French drainage that is suitable for the specific problem in your area. For example, surface water drainage can ensure flat French drainage. Extreme flooding in the groundwater is best remedied by deep French drainage. Consult a professional before attempting to add French products to your home as it will provide the best possible results.

French drainage can be the right solution for your situation to protect your home from flooding.

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