Fish Emulsion Fertilizer: What is It and How to Make It

Gardeners can worry about the fertilizer they apply to their garden plants. Studies show that the use of harmful products in vegetable, fruits and other plant species can be passed on humans because we can absorb these substances from the food we eat. Many farmers and gardeners are beginning to understand that there are healthier and safer alternatives to using fertilizer in your garden.

You probably know that you should fertilize your plants, but you are not sure which one is better. Now there are so many ways to choose a fertilizer that it can be difficult to choose what is best for you. Fish emulsion fertilizer is one option, but what is fish emulsion, what are its advantages and how to use it? Read everything a gardener needs to know about this fish emulsion.

What is Fish Emulsion?

Fish emulsion is a natural organic fertilizer that is often richer in nitrogen than some other nutrients. Although it is not a nitrogen fertilizer, it does add more nitrogen and can, therefore, be useful for green and deciduous plants. However, the nutrient balance is good for almost all cultivated plants, including plants and flowers.

Benefits of Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

Chemical fertilizers can contain toxins that penetrate our soil and into waterways. These chemicals contaminate the environment and create long-term problems for wildlife and nature. Organic fertilizers, such as fish emulsion fertilizers, do not harm the environment. It is completely natural and has no negative side effects when it enters local watercourses.

Another advantage of fish emulsion fertilizers is that they are produced from by-products of the fish industry, which turns something useful into something else than wasted. Industrial fish fertilizer is produced from fish waste, which minimizes waste. For this reason, many people see fish emulsion fertilizer as a sustainable option,

Fish emulsion fertilizer contains a small number of nutrients, which is also good for many people. Thanks to the delicate properties of the fertilizer, you can use it at any time without the risk of burns to your plants. Fertilizers with a higher nutrient content need to be carefully diluted and applied at precise intervals so as not to damage the plants, while fish emulsion fertilizers can be applied more freely. It absorbs quickly and works quickly, so it is best to give your plants emulsion fertilizer regularly, up to twice a week during the growing season.

This leads to another advantage of fish emulsion fertilizer, namely that the food acts quickly on the plants. If you have plants that have problems and need a rapid increase in nutrients, fish emulsion fertilizer is a good solution. Many fertilizers are now available as a slow-acting food, which also has its advantages. However, if you need to feed the plant quickly, you should not wait for the slowly released fertilizer to work. Under these conditions, fish emulsion fertilizer is a good and quick solution for nutrient-poor plants.

How to Make Fish Fertilizer

Anyone can likely make fishmeal or fish emulsion in the house. But of course, it’s much easier to make hydrolyzed fish fertilizer. You need airtight containers, lots of fish and some sugar. Brown sugar or molasses mixed with sawdust can affect the sugar component.

The process of producing this type of fish emulsion fertilizer is very similar to producing compost heap. In this anaerobic process, bacteria break down fish in a few months and turn it into liquid. After filtration to remove the large pieces (which can then be treated for further decomposition), they are diluted in water for use as fertilizer.

How to Apply Fish Emulsions

Be careful during the application of fish fertilizer. Too much it can burn the plants and affect the growth. Caution, fish fertilizer is a soft fertilizer that can be applied moderately during almost all phases of plant growth.

Fish fertilizer is a concentrated product that is diluted with water before application. Mix a ½ ounce (14 g) fish emulsion with one gallon (4 l) of water and then simply water the plants with this mixture.

To get the most out of using fish fertilizer on your plants, apply this mixture twice a week. In spring, use a sprinkler to apply the diluted fish manure to the lawn.


Fish emulsion fertilizers are an organic way to feed the plants that will not harm the environment but will reward you with the juicy growth of foliage. It contains low levels of nutrients, which means that plants are protected from fertilizer burning, but also means that it must be used regularly to have a positive effect.