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How to Use Eggshells in the Garden

All gardeners know that the soil must be continuously fed, only then will large, healthy plants grow. But only a few gardeners know how to use eggshells, the fertilizer’s advantages for the garden, and how to use it. The article…

Effects of Soil Tilling in the Garden

There are garden conditions that are often taken for granted, and not everyone has a good definition. One of them is tilling. Once you understand what it is and the advantages and disadvantages, you can decide whether you should include…
Does Aspirin Help Plants Grow

Does Aspirin Help Plants Grow?

If you are a gardener, you may wonder how you can increase the growth of your plant. Have you tried using Aspirin? Otherwise, read on and find out how Aspirin promotes plant growth. READ MORE
Beer Gardens Can Help Plants Thrive

Beer Gardens Can Help Plants Thrive

Your plants love beer, that’s what you do. But, fortunately, it is not difficult. Plants don’t care if their beer is fresh, so there’s no problem with leftovers from the party, or old beer (yes, the beer is expired). READ…
Aluminum Foil and Your Garden

Aluminum Foil and Your Garden

Gardening can be relaxing and useful, but when you put a lot of effort into it, it will be frustrating if things go wrong. But don’t let your garden get the best out of you; control weeds and keep pests…

How to Side-Dress Your Garden Plants

Garden plants and some types of soil regularly need side-dressing of fertilizer during the growing season. Fertilizers are used for vegetable crops at the top and on the sides of the plant. This practice is especially important in gardens with…
When to Use A Slow Release Fertilizer?

When to Use A Slow Release Fertilizer

Given a large number of fertilizers available on the market, simple tips for a regular application can be confusing and complicated. The issue of fertilizers can also be complicated because many gardeners do not want to use chemicals on their…

What Does Calcium Do for Plants

Providing plants with a healthy balance of nutrients is essential for good growth. The right balance of nutrients will also help the plant survive disease; get more flowers and better fruits. READ MORE