Things to keep in mind when selling your home

You may all be aware of the fact that real estate is one of the biggest growing sectors of all time. The property transactions have seen a substantial increase recently, and it will continue to grow in the future.

If you are looking to sell your property, let me tell you that it is not an easy job. Properties are an investment of whole life for some people, and thus you should be careful about it. If you are urgently selling your home at short notice because you are migrating to another country and have got a job opportunity in some other place, you must keep in mind some of the things you must keep in mind.


It is a really important aspect that should be kept in mind. In case any seller is selling his property within three years of buying the same, they are liable for a short term capital gain tax.

The amount of money earned during the sale of the property is added to the annual income of the seller and is taxable according to the terms and conditions of the bracket of the individual. 

Liabilities and loans 

We live in a world of financial uncertainty; there are several cases where the owners have lied about their liabilities and loans, which is absolutely okay but only if paperwork is followed with full honesty.

Let me tell you that there are two kinds of situations possible in property sales. Either the buyer would offer the money from his /her pocket or take up the loan to buy the property.

Legal documentation process

It is advisable always to take legal help when it comes to property matters. It may be possible that the property you are considering buying has some legal disputes, so it is ready to be prepared if you have any such situation.

In fact, there is a record that a large number of disputed properties are sold at a discounted rate, where the new seller is unaware of the court proceedings. So, in order to account as a legal owner of the property, the buyer must get it legally recorded at the sub-registrar office by paying the adequate stamp duty and the registration fee.

Hire a property buying company 

If you have made a spontaneous decision to sell the home, then you will not get the right price for your property. In fact, people will like to take advantage of the fact that you are in urgent need to sell the home and will ask to drop the price, and trust me, many people actually sell it bearing the loss as they are in a hurry to sell the property.

It is not a great thing to do; you can instead hire a standard home buying and selling company like cash buyer New Jersey. They are the best we buy houses NJ. They will not only offer the right price for your property, but they will buy it in its actual condition. There is no need for renovation so that you will get the full value of your property.

Clear all the dues 

Before you put the house for sale, clear all the dues like utility bills, society maintenance, and property tax, and so on. Make sure that it is paid to date. Also, understand all about the transfer charges, and it’s process.


These are some of the things you must keep in mind when looking forward to selling your home. It will help you keep off the troubles, and you will also get the right value for your money. Good Luck!