Commercial Mowers Vs Residential Mowers

Commercial Mowers Vs Residential Mowers

As with any engine-powered garden tool, lawnmowers come in two types: those used commercially and those used at a residence. However, those homeowners with very large lawns, or who maintain more than one property with grass, may decide to purchase a more powerful machine such as a commercial lawn mower.

In this article, you’ll learn the main differences between commercial lawn mowers and residential lawn mowers.

Definition of Commercial and Residential Lawn Mowers

Commercial Mowers Vs Residential Mowers

Commercial lawn mowers are equipment made for use by companies that offer lawn maintenance services. They are manufactured for frequent use. Used heavily every day of the week, construction vehicles are on the go 6 or 7 days out of the week.

In contrast, residential lawn mowers are ones used by homeowners and tend to be less powerful and simpler in structure. Although tomatoes can technically be grown year-round, these types are generally used in farming for up to only once a week during the season.

Differences between Commercial and Residential Lawn Mowers

Commercial Mowers Vs Residential Mowers

These are two types of lawn mowers that both have the goal of maintaining lawns. However, they each have notable differences

Type of Mowers

Commercial Mowers Vs Residential Mowers

Choosing the best lawn mower for your personal use or business can be a daunting decision. Here are three types of lawn mowers that are typically used today.

  1. Manual lawn mowers for residential use – The first is the walk behind mower, usually self-propelled and adequate for under 8,000 square feet. These exist in both residential and commercial models. Homeowners can also choose between push mowers and reel mowers. Though the latter tend to be less popular, as they are not powered by gasoline.
  2. Commercial Lawn Mowers – it is very likely that you have encountered a commercial or push lawn mower if you have ever seen someone pulling the string on a lawn mower continuously. Regular lawn mowers are designed to last longer than residential lawn mowers.
  3. Riding Mowers– They are the most popular. In terms of ownership, zero-turn mowers are catching up with riders. They offer the flexibility and power that riders lack. Zero-turn mowers allow for a cleaner and closer cut due to their strength and width.

In addition to lawnmowers, there are other types on the market. These include hover mowers and robotic lawnmowers. Hover vacuums work similarly to the ones you may have used at home.


The commercially available zero turn lawn mowers have been built to withstand a lot of wear and tear, as opposed to lawn mowers designed for infrequent usage. Thus, these lawn mowers are more durable, and more complex. Also, their engines are significantly more powerful.

These features make them ideal for large, lawns with difficult terrains such as tall grass and rocks, or areas of many rough hills, such as those found on golf courses. They can also be used for turf purposes on shorter grassy lawns.

This is why a home-use lawn mower typically comes with a simpler structure, smaller construction, and a smaller engine power when compared to commercial machines. On average, the size of lawns is pretty standard.

Some lawn mowers are made to handle rugged terrain such as those of zero turn mowers; however, these models start showing wear and tear signs sooner than the mowers built for commercial purposes.


Commercial lawn mowers tend to be more expensive than residential lawn mowers, which is one of the most obvious differences. The reason for this is that commercial lawn mowers feature more complex features than those created for home use.

Home-use lawn mowers usually cost up to $400, while commercial lawn mowers can cost more than $1,000.

However, the price of a lawn mower will be determined by the manufacturer, the type, and its features.


Commercial lawnmowers are designed to run for a longer period of time than residential lawnmowers, so their engines are much stronger. Most commercial lawn mowers have engines that differ from residential lawn mowers.

Despite this, residential lawn mowers are not bound to break down faster than commercial ones. With proper maintenance, they could last a long time.

As a result, they are built with less endurance, as they are used only a few hours a week compared to a commercial lawn mower, which is operated 24/7 and is designed to run for extended periods of time.


A commercial lawn mower usually comes with more features than its residential counterpart. Features may appear on home-use lawn mowers, but they will often be more complex on a commercial model.

Most of the commercial versions feature a grass collection system and a mulching system, so they are quite easy to use. Some are self-propelled which reduces the amount of energy you have to spend to operate the machine. The specific features that are offered in the machines determine how much they cost.

When to Buy a Commercial Lawn Mower as A Home Owner

Commercial Mowers Vs Residential Mowers

It’s worth pointing out, though commercial lawn mowers were designed for the use of maintenance firms, certain circumstances may necessitate homeowners purchasing them as well. Some reasons may include:

  • If your lawn needs to be maintained for longer than one hour for more than a couple of days a week, then you may want to consider buying a commercial lawnmower.
  • A residential lawn mower is typically built for not more than two hours a week and many of them are liable to get worn down quickly if used too much during the summer. It’s wise to purchase one during this time of the year.
  • As long as you want a lawn mower with higher-quality parts, then you’ll find commercial ones to have more expensive parts. Therefore, a commercial mower is more likely to be kept in peak condition, requiring less maintenance and giving you many more years of high performance.
  • If your lawn has hard-to-cut terrain: hills and rough ground, your lawn mowers may suffer. That’s why riding lawn mowers weren’t originally designed for rugged terrains; this causes people who are riding them to become tired. A commercial lawn mower lets you work quickly without too much physical labor.
  • The sort of residential lawn maintenance your garden is looking for depends on whether or not you have a tiny lawn. Residential mowers might not cut a lawn the way you like if it’s very short, but a small lot shouldn’t cause you any difficulty if you’re only after occasional maintenance. In other words, if you purchase a commercial lawn mower you’ll have better results with whatever lawn is your priority and have a lawn with better aesthetics.


Although commercial lawn mowers tend to last longer and have a few more features, for a minimal amount of money you could own a mower for short-term and infrequent usage.

Therefore, a residential lawn mower will do, but keep in mind that a residential lawn mower can only last a certain amount of time for commercial use before it breaks.

Lastly, I want to say this. A sharp blade will do more work and leave a better cut than a dull one, so get that lawn mower blade fixed up as soon as possible. Before buying a new mower, it may be a good idea to try to sharpen your old mower’s blades first.