best honda lawn mowers

5 Best Honda Lawn Mowers

In this guide, we will see in detail the best Honda lawn mowers. Among the many brands available on the market, Honda is safe for those who buy its products, thanks to the reliability, innovation, and quality of its products. Always at the forefront, it aims to provide quality products at advantageous prices to its customers.

Among the various products offered by this company, we find a wide range of petrol lawn mowers and electric lawn mowers. The first lawnmower produced by Honda was made in 1978, with a four-stroke engine it was the first offered by Honda. Honda currently offers a lawn mower suitable for any garden with a huge range of models to choose from.

One of the lines that is part of this wide range is HRM, of the electric power, suitable for small lawns or the IZY range, with petrol engine, for novice customers or small gardens. We also find the multifunctional petrol HRX line for medium and large lawns.

Honda also offers the HRD line, light but resistant to reduce the time of use, and the HRH line made with a professional performance engine. It also offers the HRS line for more complex routes. Now we will go to see in detail the 5 Honda lawn mowers among the best that the manufacturer currently offers.

Why Buy a Honda lawn mower

Handling and ergonomics , in fact, together with efficiency, are the key aspects on which Honda research is based in the development of ever new models capable of satisfying the needs and desires of customers , who are always vast and without shadow. undoubtedly requires a service and products that are always good, always of quality and always capable of guaranteeing performance worthy of the name that Honda has made in all these years of activity.

From this point of view, for example, it cannot be denied that, compared to the average of lawn mowers of any type and brand , Honda lawn mowers show exceptional ease of use and smoothness that allow you to work even on the toughest and most difficult lawns with relative comfort without those annoying deviations or those sudden blocks that usually afflict those who take care of their own garden.

Not to mention their high power , with very high level electric motors or power supplies that allow, with a relatively low energy consumption or with a reduced use of fuel , a result equal to if not superior to many high consumption lawn mowers.

With these premises, it is obvious that the price is also a little higher than the average , but, we repeat, it is all money well spent.

Now, even limiting yourself to a single brand, you may still have some problems in purchasing , faced with the many models that Honda alone offers, so always remember to pay attention to some simple rules:

How to choose the best Honda Lawn Mower

If you are looking for a high-level and quality lawn mower, you should certainly keep to about 2500- 3200 rpm, preferably with a displacement of about 130 cc , numbers that together are a sign of an adequate level for a Honda lawn mower and a guarantee of high performance.

 A large tank (1.5-2 liters) in the case of a fuel-powered lawn mower is another important aspect , along with the wattage in the case (500-1000 Watt) in the case of an electric lawnmower, while the number of blade positions should be at least greater than 3.

 For the rest, you can easily rely on your taste, on your individual needs , and you will undoubtedly find the perfect lawnmower for you even if, in case you want to be sure, you can consult the following presentation of two of the best Honda models of this year :

1. Honda Mower Lawn Mower HRG 536 SD – The Best Ever

best honda lawn mowers

The gold medal for the best Honda lawn mower of 2022 according to the opinions of our experts goes without a shadow of a doubt to the HRG 536 SD model. With a powerful 4-stroke engine, multiple cutting speeds and adjustable heights combined with the best maneuverability, you’ll love it right away.

Your lawn will look amazing, it will be bright and even if you use this petrol engine lawn mower. The powerful 4-stroke OHC engine has a displacement of 160 horsepower, guaranteeing you up to 2,850 rpm, a high speed that allows you to quickly cut even the most invasive and persistent weeds.

The blade it has is made of high quality stainless steel, you can rest assured, it will not rust. You can adjust up to 6 cutting modes and a height from 19 to 82 mm. The grass you cut will automatically end up inside a collection basket that allows you to mow up to 100 square meters of garden without having to empty it.

The 0.90 liter tank allows you to use it on compact and medium-sized gardens up to 250 square meters with just one full tank. It is also ergonomically designed, you will find it very comfortable. The position of the handle makes it perfect even for longer work sessions, in fact the effort will be minimal, making it ideal for use in your garden. All this is crowned by a very low silence for the type of product, so you will not have problems with your neighbors.

Honda is one of the number one manufacturers when it comes to engines and with this lawnmower, it is proof of that. It will be able to satisfy all your needs and give you a garden as velvety as silk.

Number one Honda lawn mower available on the market in 2020Rather high price, therefore not suitable for everyone.
The 4-stroke OHC petrol engine is powerful and efficientIt may be necessary to oil the blade after each cut.
The blade is made of steel, is 53 cm and is resistant to the hardest materials and rust.
It allows you to choose between 6 cutting options and different heights.
The fuel tank is large, with a full tank it allows you to cut up to 250 square meters.
Perfect for small to medium sized gardens of apartments or villas.
The cut grass ends up in a large basket, you will not have to empty it for over 100 square meters.
Ergonomic and comfortable, also suitable for longer work sessions.

2. Honda lawnmower HRG 416 SK – Best value for money

best honda lawn mowers

If you are looking for a Honda lawnmower and what you are interested in is the value for money, this model is for you. A Honda brand therefore already has a guarantee, like all the best performing models, it has an internal combustion engine and different cutting options to choose from.

This lawnmower is undoubtedly one of the best machines out there today and is very competitively priced. The Honda engine will not disappoint you at all, you can mulch and mow as you like, selecting between different cutting positions and heights. You will finally be able to get that streaked effect you wanted so much.

The lawn mower proves perfect for those who have compact and small gardens. You will not even have to worry about constantly emptying the basket that collects waste, as it has a capacity of over 50 liters which allows you to collect waste for over 100 square meters.

The design is identical to that of the most efficient home products, in fact you will be able to work your garden entirely without getting tired. The handle is placed at a perfect height so that you remain perfectly straight while working, so you will not get tired and you will not have subsequent back pain. The handling is in fact perfect, you will notice it immediately, as many customers have said in their reviews.

Like all Honda-branded machines, moreover, the noise is contained and not excessively intrusive. In our opinion it is the perfect model for all those who always want to have a clean and fit garden but don’t want to spend too much money.

Better value for money than 2022A little heavier than the other models.
The Honda internal combustion engine is powerful of high quality, just like the best performing engines of the house.The handle is non-slip and care must be taken.
It allows you to mulch and cut according to your needs thanks to the adjustable heights and different types of cutting.
This is the perfect lawn mower for small gardens.
The waste basket has a capacity of 50 liters.
Identical design to the most valid models, it turns out to be comfortable and manageable.
Low noise of the lawnmower compared to the type of product.

3. Honda lawnmower HRG 416 PK – Best economic HONDA lawn mower

best honda lawn mowers

Come on, you know better than us, Honda really thinks of everyone, really everyone. HRG 416 PK is undoubtedly the cheapest Honda lawn mower and also among the best that you can find on the market today, having nothing to envy to the most expensive machines.

The powerful internal combustion engine guarantees you up to 2,900 rpm, allowing you to work without any difficulty on any type of turf. The engine is fitted with a resistant and performing steel blade, allowing you to work a very high number of hours without having to replace it.

You can choose up to 6 different cutting modes and heights ranging from 20 mm up to 74. You can thus choose to have a perfectly mowed garden or leave strips of grass visible. The waste will automatically end up in a large collection basket that can contain more than 100 square meters of total waste.

This lawnmower is particularly effective on small gardens up to 150 square meters, also based on fuel consumption. The tank has a capacity of about 0.90 liters and you just need to fill it once and carry out more than one work session before having to refill it.

Finally, maneuverability and comfort are typical of Honda mowers. You can say goodbye to fatigue and tiring positions, you will be able to work for a long time without any problem. Furthermore, for any problem, the Honda technicians are prepared and efficient and will be able to solve any problem.

If you want the perfect garden but your budget is limited, this lawnmower model is just the thing for you.

Cheapest and best Honda lawn mower of 2022Attention must be paid to its maintenance.
The internal combustion engine is high performance, meets all the standards of the manufacturer.The oil must be changed frequently.
Perfect for working on any type of turf.
Different types and cutting heights to choose from between 20 and 74 mm.
Ideal lawn mower for gardens up to 150 square meters.
The waste collection basket is very large.
Maneuverable and easy to use even for those who are the first time using this kind of device.
Honda technicians are knowledgeable and knowledgeable and offer excellent customer service.

4. Honda HRX 537 HY lawnmower

best honda lawn mowers

If we want to enter the world of professional lawnmowers, the Honda HRX 537 HY lawnmower is a very valid example of the quality and excellence of the manufacturer. First of all, it has a cutting-edge line that makes it easy on any type of terrain, while the large cutting deck is made of Xenoy , an innovative material, very resistant and, at the same time, light that allows the machine to move on any soil without the risk of being damaged both because it is resistant, but also because it does not rust.

The cutting blade is 53cm large and the forward speed is 1.6 m / s , almost double that of previous models, as well as the grass bag capacity of up to 85 liters. After all, we are talking about a Honda lawnmower capable of working effectively on a plot of up to 500 square meters – with an average speed of just over seven minutes per 100 square meters – and whose cutting options can be adjusted according to seven different alternatives.

This model also has the mulching function , otherwise the grass is collected in the large 85 liter grass bag . Its total weight of 44.7kgit is considerably lightened when using the lawn mower thanks also to the towing power of the 187 cc four-stroke engine.

2 in 1 Versamow system (Switch between “Cut & Collect” and “Mulch”)Premium Mower – higher initial investment.
Self-propelled – Variable Speed.No roller.
Large cutting width – 53cm.Slightly heavy
7 cutting heights – 20mm and 100mm.
7-year warranty.

5. Honda FL 53 SQH engine

best honda lawn mowers

Honda FL 53 SQH engine The last lawn mower produced by Honda of which we are going to see the various features in detail is the Castor Honda FL 53 SQH . The dimensions of this product are: length 1762mm, width, 568mm height of 1190mm. The weight of this lawnmower of around 35 kg is one of the most popular products for consumers. With a gasoline engine with a power of 160 kilowatts.

With a single cylinder 4-stroke Honda 160 ohc engine. The starting of this mower is a typical manual pull. Among the various options that we find inside this Honda product we find the possibility thanks to its rear discharge system to allow the freshly cut grass to be deposited and collected in the back or we also have the possibility of making it fall directly on the ground thanks to mulching. .

The lawnmower also has on the plastic or textile bag for grass harvesting, and the appropriate signaling that allows you to understand when the bag is almost completely filled. The characteristics of this lawnmower allow it to tackle any terrain even in the most difficult conditions and still give an optimal result.

It allows different types of cutting from 25 mm to 85 mm . The steel blade has a cutting width of 53 cm, ideal for small and medium-sized gardens. Economical handlebar, steel levers, wheel size 200 280mm.

Solid and sturdyQuite noisy.
Suitable on different types of terrain.
Possibility to adjust the cut.
Mulching function.


If up to now you have worked your gardens with flush mowers, bulky and uncomfortable to use, the time has finally come to say enough is enough! We have collected in this review the 3 best Honda lawnmowers that run on fuel. You can finally say goodbye to the cables scattered around the garden and between your feet, you will have total freedom with very high quality performance.