After getting your costly dress and doing your hairdressing, it really becomes tough to complete your makeup from some of the costly hubs. Yes, Prom makeup is really going to cost you invariably, while you reach out to the top salons. However, you can go for the same by yourself at your home and by doing this you will save your cost by some big percentage, for sure.

You might think here that you will be taking here some risks about your beauty for the big show, but do not feel wrong about the conditions, as here are some of the ultimate guides to give you that prom appearance at your home. Just follow the guide and make yourself comfortable. To be very accurate, keep one thing in mind – always remember to match the makeup with your skin complexion and the dress, you will be wearing on the big show. The rest guide is as follows –

1. Priming your skin

The first thing that you need to ensure is what type of makeup, your skin needs. Hence, initially just give some time to know your skin better. Decide whether your skin becomes oily under the lights or not. If it turns oily, then you need the matte finishing creams and set of makeup. That is the thing which will be toning your sin in the best style. On the other end, if your skin remains dry, you need to add some priming with the moisturizers, so that the skin glow can be retained on the big show.

Prom Makeup Tips


2. Test the foundation

The night show of yours will be entertained with the photographs and you must not like that your first photo and the photo snapped at the late night make you look different. Hence is the need for the foundation. But here, before trying out a foundation on your skin, directly for that night, it is better to check out the foundation beforehand and to do that, the thing that is needed here is to check out with the foundations, before finalizing that for the big night.

Prom Makeup Tips


3. Matching your foundation

The next thing that you will have to do is to match your foundation with the skin that will be visible in the photos. Hence, initially, you will have to apply the same on your skin of the chest and then match it there with that of the face and finally, apply the same on the neck and match it, so that your face, chest, and neck find the same tone in the photos. Try and snap some images of yourself after applying the same. And keep that for some hours under light, so that you can make a test of the same too.

Prom Makeup Tips


4. Apply HD Powders

The next step will be to apply the silica powder. They are better known as the HD powder. These can be very much helpful for your skin and enhancing your ultimate skin glow. The fact is – when this silica powder comes in contact with moisturizer then your skin glow is doubled. However, this can go wrong, if applied wrongly. Hence adjust with the moisture of your skin and prepare with the right percentage that you must be applying on your skin, before the big show.

Prom Makeup Tips


5. Contour mildly

Contouring on your skin is an art and that is something that the makeup artists do very much with safe hands. They will never apply contours on your skin abruptly and go crazy with that. Applying a mild tone of the same is going to make the pictures of your beautiful and glowing, as you find your favorite actress on the screen and not on the magazine covers.

Prom Makeup Tips


6. Blush well

The next thing that you need to take care of is with blushing. Flash photos will wash out all the paints and contours. Hence, to look well there, the thing that you need most is the use of the blushes. However, make sure that you will not be using those extensively. Rather make that blend well with your skin and your glows. Do not try to glow too much – as that will make you look darker even.

Prom Makeup Tips


7. Polish your Eyes and Brows

Painting your eyes with proper care and testing whether the makeup is going to give you the best touch and for the longer session is the next thing to be done. However, here is another important thing to be taken care too and that is related to the brows. They are the guiding lines of your face and hence must be well crimped and polished and shaped too so that your face gets the prom look naturally.

Prom Makeup Tips


8. Match the color palette

There are some of the color particulars that will match on you. Here you will have some study too. You can get through the color palettes and match the right combination so that you can match the lip color with the lashes and even the eye shadows with those, but keep one thing in mind – do not try to make all the colors same. That old concept never goes now.

Prom Makeup Tips


9. Decide the final touch up

After all, things are set, it is time to check with the false lashes and the lip lines. It is not that you will need false lashes as everyone wears that. Everything depends on your photogenic face style. If you are already having that, you are going to make it right without lashes and if that does not then apply the same. The same thing goes with lip liners. Do not try to show that you have used the liners; match them as much as possible with the lips.

Prom Makeup Tips

Use a setting spray to fix all

Now that you have completed your makeup, it is time to set all the things at their own lace and do not allow them to be changed or altered with time. The best one to do this for you is a setting spray and hence apply the same to fix the entire thing as it is.

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